Curse of the Sands Wednesday 29th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 29th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 29th September 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Wednesday 29 September 2021, Sunanda looks for her Magical book behind the photo. It falls on the floor, but alongside breaks the mirrors in her room. She recalls Amar’s rage and burning of Mishra Ji and runs to her room. Inside the room, Sunanda falls on the floor as one by one each of the mirrors in her room cracks.

Amar brings Shiv outside in the hall. Babbu Baba had prepared the Havan. Gauri comes downstairs in red bridal attire. Everyone from the family also joins in.

There in the room, Sunanda sat helplessly. She opens to read the magical book but couldn’t find any way out to defeat Amar.

Amar invites Babbu Baba to start the wedding. He happily offers Shiv and Gauri their respective seats. Kamal felt emotional. He looked around. Amar tells him not to waste time. Kamal starts the wedding. Gauri and Shiv perform Varmala, Amar does the Kanyadan and finally, Shiv and Gauri stood for the wedding vows. Amar tells Kamal to stand up and read their wedding vows. They take a seat. Amar takes Baba’s attention towards sindoor which he had forgotten. Shiv was about to apply the Sindoor and lifts the veil. Sunanda had reached the hall. Everyone was shocked to see Ananya underneath the veil. Only Amar was behind Ananya and moves towards Shiv. He was raged to see Ananya as the bride.

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In the room, Ananya was waiting. Ketki came to the room in bridal attire. Ananya asked if Ketki also doesn’t remember how much she had struggled to get Shiv. Ketki had said she knows everything and came to her for a reason. She knows Ananya is Gauri and realizes the power of everything.

Shiv leaves the Mandap at once. Amar asks where Ketki is. Ketki calls from upstairs that here she is. She narrates that she brought Ananya into her room from the window, and handed her the dress. Shiv and Ananya are made for each other. She won’t commit the sin of separating Shiv and Ananya. Dadi says no one can come in between Shiv and Ananya’s love. Ananya convinces Shiv that her whole family can not be a liar. She reminds Shiv of their wedding. He was praying in Shiv temple where their Gadh bandhan happened by mistake. Then Dadi brought him home and they fought terribly. Shiv trembles and finally falls on the floor as he tries to stress his mind. He gets glimpses of himself and Ananya’s past.
Sunanda wonders what will happen if Shiv’s memory is back.

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 29th September 2021 Update Zee World: Amar shouts at Ananya to shut up. If they all gained the courage to go against him. Have they forgotten what he did to Mishra Ji? He will kill everyone except Ananya today. Ananya questions Amar what kind of love is this. He cares for no one except his own selfishness. Ananya forbids Amar to even touch her family. Amar rolls the fireballs in his hands and vows to burn the whole Panday family. Everyone hides behind the walls to toss the fireballs. Shiv gains conscious and flashes from his past were now clear. He remembers marrying Ananya and his will to gain freedom from being a devil. Shiv stands up and calls Amar in a very serious tone. He says Amar can’t touch any single being when Shiv is here. He turns to Ananya and caresses her face. He says he remembers everything, nothing can harm her. He won’t hurt her anymore. I love you, Ananya. Ananya hugs Shiv.

Amar laughs at their confession and says Shiv won’t live to hurt her. He pulls Shiv away from Ananya. Ananya stood firm in place and was determined to counter Amar. The family gained strength.

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