Curse of the Sands Wednesday 1st September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 1st September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 1st September 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Wednesday 1 September 2021, Kamal strikes with the sword to kill Ananya. A stream of blood fell over his face. Everyone was shocked to see Sunanda had stopped the sword with her hand, her hand badly bleeding. She asks what Kamal is doing, Ananya is his daughter. She might have committed a mistake but this is a sin. Sunanda joins her hands and requests Kamal to drop the sword.

Rekha taunts that Sunanda is still on Ananya’s side even when she has snatched Ketki’s groom. Everyone continues to blame them. Rahul blames Shiv and continues to slap him. Ananya stops Rahul and deters that one of Shiv’s slaps will be enough for him. Shiv holds Ananya’s hand. They walk into the house and to the Mandap. Ananya lights the Havan and vows her name is Ananya meaning Parvati. Parvati sacrificed herself for the respect of her Shiv. But she is Parvati of this age and will burn the whole house. And according to law, no one can disown her from the house as she is equally rightful to live here. She takes Shiv’s hand and goes upstairs.

At night, Shiv calls Dai Maa and narrates to her the whole story of marrying Ananya. Dai Maa was happy that this happened but cautions to be careful. Shiv wonders how he controlled himself today, and how he will continue to do it in the future. Dai Maa says he loves Ananya dearly and was happy he told her the truth. Shiv says he told Ananya a half-truth. He told Ananya he is Mann, but he didn’t tell her that Sunanda is actually Mohini. He has to be cautious that Ananya doesn’t speak up in front of Sunanda and find some way to kill that witch.

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Dai Maa gets another call. It was someone from Bahram’s’s house. Dai Maa hurriedly cuts the call but the person on the other side wanted to tell her the truth about Ram and Siya. Dai Maa wonders who this was.
Shiv comes to the room where Ananya had changed into white attire and stood n front of the mirror. Both walk towards the bed and feel shy. Ananya at once screams and jumps over the bed. Shiv had also fallen with her. She points towards the lizard. Shiv teases that Ananya was boasting to face all the dangers and is afraid of a meager lizard now. Both share an intense eye lock. Ananya looks away while Shiv was quizzical.

Rekha was crying in her room and cursed Mishra Ji for flirting with Sunanda. Mishra Ji says this isn’t the time for this matter. Today, Ananya mentioned her share. This shows their Ketki’s share can also be achieved. They need to think about how to get Ananya disowned from this property. Ketki was determined to revenge Ananya well after the fire she lit. Ananya spoilt her life and now she will make Ananya bleed.

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 1st September 2021 Update Zee World: Shiv turns Ananya’s face towards himself and asks why she is worried. Ananya replies that she misbehaved with her Mummy, still, she was hurt because of her. She wonders how her father went against her all of a sudden. She needs to speak to him as well. There was a knock at their room door. Ananya goes to answer. It was Sunanda. Ananya says she was coming towards her. Sunanda asks if something was still left; she was mistaken and slapped her but she is still hungry for that. Today, Ananya questioned her motherhood and brought it up. Ananya goes to stop Sunanda in the corridor.

Sunanda sounded upset that she hates being a mother today. She couldn’t teach her the right and wrong of life. Ananya requests Sunanda to listen carefully. She and Shiv haven’t yet married. Shiv regrets hearing this. Ananya tells Sunanda that she can’t marry Shiv without the blessings of her parents, but they will have to act as such else her family won’t let him stay in the house. They had worn garlands at Shiv Ji’s temple and Ananya applied false sindoor for their fake wedding.

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