Curse of the Sands Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Wednesday 18 August 2021, Ret Pisach says Rana is the reason for problems and he will end him first. Mohini says he is right, let us kill Rana first. Mann says she is really bad. Mohini says he hasn’t seen her evilness at all and she will get all her powers soon, but he will not be alive till then. She asks him to go and save Mansi instead. Mann provokes Ret Pisach to fight with him instead of fight with his father. Ret Pisach warns that he does not fight with kids and lifts Ram holding his throat. Mann warns him to spare his baba. Mohini attacks Mansi’s mother and tries to kill Mansi.

Siya rushes to the temple and prays god to help her end Ret Pisach. Shivji’s Rudraksha mala breaks and the bead falls down. Siya asks if he wants to end Ret Pisach himself and lifting shivling walks out. Ret Pisach starts sucking Mann’s evil’s powers when siya reaches there. Ret pisach boasts that he is shapeless and free-flowing sand, nobody can capture or kill him. Mann captures him in a bottle with Shivji’s idol’s help. Mohini is shocked to see that.

Siya boasts that evil never survives. Mann says he will never be a bad boy. Shivling destroys his evil powers. Mohini feels weak. Ram says let us end Mohini. Mohini escapes. Ram and Siya say they ended evil however powerful it was. Mann says let us have a family hug. Ram and Siya walk towards him when Mohini stabs them from behind and they fall down fighting for life. Mohini challenges Mann to try and escape from her. Ram and Siya hold her legs. She stabs them again. Mann pleads to spare her parents, he will transfer his powers to her.

Mohini says she will see how God will save him and attacks her. Dayimaa enters and protects Mann. Mohini reminisces about killing Dayimaa and asks how did she escape. Siya asks Dayimaa to take Mann away from her. Mohini stabs Ram and Siya repeatedly and runs behind Dayimaa and Mann. Ram and Siya breathe with great difficulty expressing their love for each other. Ram says their fight will continue. Siya says they will be alive in Mann’s memories forever who will continue their lineage. They peacefully breathe last reminiscing their romantic moments.

Mohini walks towards Mansi. Her mother tries to protect her, but Mohini stabs and kills her. Mansi wakes up. Mohini sees Mann running with Dayimaa and thinks she will never spare him, brainwashes Mansi that Mann killed her mother.

It’s a 500 years-long story. A witch residing in sands ruined a family, but she failed her mission. It is said, witches never forget their mission. 20 years have passed now but the witch must still be waiting for what she missed with seconds in the past.

Dida stood in front of the temple. She was fearful that its Karthik Punima night, she wonders what new game that witch will play.

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 18th August 2021 Update Zee World: Mohini stood in the room of a girl. She says she had almost achieved him. She must get off the past now. She sits beside the young girl and thinks she lost her powers, yet she is the one to attract Mann to her now. She plays with the hair of a young girl and thinks she turned Mansi into Ananya. Ananya is the only thread between her and Mann; it will bring him closer to her. She has failed to reach him, but using her now she will prey on Mann. She undoes the hair of Ananya, then goes dancing with a few lighted plates. She calls Mann by his name, to come closer, his Maa is calling him. She dances around sprinkling sand in the air.

There, Mann was in a lone room, chained and all alone. He shivers, trembles, and fights the calls from Mohini.

Mohini’s lit candles blow all at once. Disappointed, she fell to the floor.

Mann holds the photo of his parents. He was free from the chains now. He thinks from today, he is not Mann but Raam Siya’s son Shiv. He is ready to lose his name, identity, and even existence for this right now. He reads an appointment letter and signs it finally.

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Mohini was saddened that Mann neglected her call once again. It’s his 25th year, this time he will have to meet her.

Shiv opens the door and says Banaras! It’s his new home, his workplace, and his identity.

Mohini stood in the window of a room of Banaras. She says the city impatiently awaits Mann, Ananya would do her work. She loves her foster mother unconditionally after all.

The next morning, Ananya sits up with closed eyes and calls Mummy! Mohini comes to her. Ananya opens her eyes to her mother. Mohini says she told her to wake up early today. Ananya says she couldn’t break her rule of seeing her Mummy’s face, the first thing in the morning. She shares with her Mummy about her dream, then blindfolds her to lead her inside.

Shiv gets a call from Dai Maa. He asks her to bless her grandson. Dai Maa was unhappy, as the Prince of Behram’s family is working for a minor firm. Shiv tells her he isn’t Mann, but Shiv. Dai Maa was afraid that the year is extremely tough for him, but Mohini’s danger would be reduced once he marries. Shiv replies Mohini won’t be able to reach him anymore. And once he is settled, he is married.

Ananya led Mohini towards the balcony and shows her their sweet shop “Panday and Son’s” and says she always dreamt of this shop’s name as “Panday and Daughter’s”. She got a good taste for sweets and can progress the business. Mohini blesses Ananya to be progressive, but her family wish henna on her hands and limit her progress. Ananya’s Dadi and Bua come to the hall, cursing Mohini and beats her badly. Mohini cries and thinks once her powers are back, she will teach them a good lesson.

Shiv was at work. A lady shows herself off and asks if he is new to the city, and seems to be quite ignorant of her. She gives him files of his first assignment, meanwhile, she can find a good house for him. Shiv leaves for his first inspection, ‘Panday and Son’s Sweets”.

There, Dadi was getting her arms massaged. Her granddaughter, Bua’s daughter comes to her and offers to rub rose water on her face. She asks if she had a fight with Mohini. Ananya comes arguing with Ketu and blames Dadi for beating her mother instead. Ketu objects her name is Keti Mishra, and this lady is her Dadi as well. Ananya disgraces Dadi she behaves as an animal. Dadi curses the time her son Kamal married this witch; she has taken both daughter-son in her control. Ketu brings a tray of turmeric and offers to rub it on Ananya, she will marry soon by this. Ananya throws the tray away.

Dadi comes to Mohini and drags her out of the kitchen, threatening her if Ananya isn’t ready within 10 minutes. After everyone had left, Ananya cheers her mother up and says she is there. She will show them the good face of a girl today. She wipes her tears and goes upstairs. Mohini smirks that she is a tool for her, she has loved her for years so that she is ready to get sacrificed for her. Ananya belongs to her Mann, and her love has the power to attract him here.

Ananya was washing her face. Shiv had reached the location of Panday and Sons. The turmeric water fell over him from the broken pipe and ruins his dress. Ananya peeks from the window.

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