Curse of the Sands Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeMay 9, 2021

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update: On Curse of the Sands Wednesday 12 May 2021, Mohini calls Ram to meet him. Hypnotizzed Ram heads in jeep. Mohini pulls jeep with her hair. Jeep rolls over, and Ram falls down severely injured. Siya and Dayimaa reach there and are shocked to see Ram unconscious. Siya rurns towards Ram and rushes him to hospital. Dayimaa sees Mohini around. Mohini asks if she saw ghagra paltan’s magic, now she will get her Rana saa finally. In hospital, doctor treats Ram while Siya stands outside room. Doctor comes out and says I am sorry.

Dayimaa goes to fort and confronts Mohini that Ram stepped on this land just today, she cannot punish Ram for what happened 500 years ago. She sees Siya crying holding Ram’s body and confronts Dayimaa that Ram was her responsibility, why did not she save Ram, she failed in her duty. Dayimaa walks to her. Siya turns into evil and shouts she is Mohini and nobody can snatch Ram from her, she will get Ram at any cost. She continues only Dayimaa can see her and still be alive, etc.

In hospital, doctor informs Siya that Ram has gone into come and does not know when he will wake up. Siya asks doc to wake Ram up somehow. She walks into Ram’s room and cries holding his hand. Dadimaa enters and asks her to never go away from Ram as she saved Ram. Siya says Ram came here because of her. Dadimaa says it was in destiny. Mohini dances in desert and thinks she called Ram here and he will go with her wish,, she is waiting for him since 500 rs. She asks Ram to wake up now to meet her and call her name. Ram wakes up from coma calling Mohini. Mohini happily informs her friends if they heard Rana saa took her name, now Rana saa can see her. Ram asks if he took someone’s name. Dadimaa says nobody’s and asks him to relax. Ram asks when did she come here. Dadima says she came to take him back to London, they will go from here right now, she will arrange chartered plane. Ram says he will stay here and finish some pending task. Dayimaa enters and says Kunwarsa took right decision.

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 12th May 2021 Update: Next morning, Daadimaaa takes Rama and Siya to palace saying they have to return to London soon. ram’s stepmom waiting for her starts her overacting and fake concern for Ram and says she was worried for him and takes her designer jewelry’s oath. She continues that Ram must have died in such a big accident. Ram tries to touch her feet.


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Stepmother stops him saying she is still young. Siya tries to touch feet, but stepmom yells at Siya that she is Ram’s bad luck and Ram came here following her. Siya runs away shattered. Dadimaa warns stepmom to shut up and says she is her son’s secretary who trapped and married him, nothing else. Her sons walks in holding pooja thali and tells Ram that god listened to his prayers, Ram is safe now. Dadimaa sends Ram behind Siya. Stepson tries to touch Daadimaa’s feet when she warns that he is her son’s secretary’s son and not her grandson. Once she walks in, stepmom yells Ram should have died. Son says Ram should be alive for their benefit.

Dayimaa calls pandits to secure palace from Mohini and asks to make a protective barrier around palace. Dadimaa says she is against her decision. Dayimaa apologizes and says Ram’s fate was in Dadimaa’s hands till now, but now it is in chudail’s hands and informs chudail’s warning if she cannot get Ram, she will kill him. Siya cries sitting in her room reminiscing stepmom’s bitter words, holding divorce papers. Ram thinks he is doing this for her betterment. Mohini thinks she wants to get ride of her sautan first..


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