Curse of the Sands Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeMay 9, 2021

Curse of the Sands Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update on zee world: Mohini Chudail picks Ram’s footstep soil and applies it as sindhoor, saying welcome to her place. Siya takes Ram into her car and scolds what is he doing here, he is not supposed to come to Behramgarh. He calls her rasgulla.
She scolds to stop calling her rasgulla, if she knew he is so irritating, she would not have married him. He hugs her.

Mohini looks at them climbing on the car. Siya sees divorce papers and parting ways asks to go back to London, Daadi told it is dangerous for him to stay in Behramgarh. Mohini thinks she will not let Rana sa/Ram go from here and punctures all 4 tyres. Siya tries to open door to check, but the door does not open. Ram gets out of the car even after Siya’s warning and extends his hand asking to trust her. She says he already broke her trust by sending divorce papers and she comes out.

They both walk while Mohini walks behind Ram. She dances and tries to touch him but in vain. Ram reaches fort. Mohini walks behind him and greets him to get into the fort. Ram sees abhimantrit dhaaga/thread around the door and stops. Mohini excitedly asks him to get in. Ram tries to step in when Dayimaa enters throwing her stick in front of Ram and warns them not to get inside the fort. She gets emotional seeing Ram and sheds tears. Ram asks who is she, then touches her feet and says she is Dayimaa.

Curse of the Sands full story, Summary, Casts, and Teasers

Dayimaa asks how does she know. He says since childhood dadimaa described her and he imagined her face and found exactly the same. Dayimaa emotionally hugs him and asks who is this girl. Ram introduces Siya as his wife. Mohini is shocked hearing that and thinks Rana sa brought her sautan here. Daiyamaa says they cannot stay here as the storm will come anytime, thinking Mohini must be somewhere around. Ram asks where are they going. She says his Behramgarh palace and takes them in her jeep.


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Mohini reminisces Ram’s love for her 500 years ago and promising to marry her. Ram reaches haveli and imagines his past life as Rana sa in this palace and says he feels he is bought up here. Dayimaa says he never came here and must be visualizing Dadimaa’s stories. Phone rings. Dayimaa says Raimaa must have called and asks Siya to pick the call. Siya picks call. Dadimaa thanks god that Siya and Ram reached the palace safely and asks her to leave for London as soon as possible and be with Ram like a shadow till they reach London. Dayimaa calls maid Jalebi and asks if she prepared Kunwarsa and kunwar rani saa’s room. Jalebi says yes. Mohini thinks Rana saa came here after 500 years and brought her sautan here.

Curse of the Sands Tuesday 11th May 2021 Update: In-room, Ram comes shirtless after bathing in front of Siya and gets romantic with her. Siya throws the shirt on him and he realizes it his imagination. Ram gets romantic in real and asks if she is getting weak, she can go to another room. Siya walks away with the bag but returns reminiscing Dadimaa’s words. She sleeps in the bed. Ram sits on another side. She draws curtains between them. They sleep reminiscing their romantic days.

Dayimaa speaks to Dadimaa over the phone and says she will protect Ram even if she has to sacrifice her life. Mohini thinks Ranasaaa has to come to her tonight. Siya asks Ram the reason for sending divorce papers and turns but does not find him. Ram walks towards the main door, hypnotized. Mohini calls him. Siya runs towards the door trying to stop Ram followed by Dayimaa. Ram smirks and leaves in the jeep. Siya and Dayimaa run behind him. Mohini throws her hair and jeep down. Ram meets with an accident and collapses. -Siya and Dayimaa reach there. Ram’s head bursts. Siya runs towards him in shock.


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