Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Thursday 30 September 2021, The episode starts with Amar enraged and attacking Shiv. Ananya comes in front of Shiv. She was ready to confront Amar for any harm against her family. She spots an iron rod nearby and holds it in her hand. Amar smirks. Shiv says it won’t benefit. Amar replies she is there. Amar laughs if Ananya really believes she would be able to defeat him with this rod. She nods and hits the rod on Shiv’s head instead.

She recalls Sunanda telling everyone in the room, that Shiv must be unconscious so that he doesn’t interfere with their work. Kamal was also a part of the plan.

Shiv falls to the floor. Ananya now turns to Amar and asks him to produce the fireballs now. Amar spreads his hands but the fireballs won’t form. Amar now calls everyone, Dadi, aunt, Ketki, and Rahul to take revenge on Amar. They all charge Amar with broomsticks, rods, shoes. Amar was badly beaten and requests Babbu Baba for help. He pulls off his false mustache and glasses. Dadi was elated to see Kamal. They tie Amar with chains now. Ananya hits the back of Amar’s head with the rod. He falls unconscious as well.

The Panday family had dug a grave for Amar and threw mud over his unconscious body. Ananya hurries everyone. They had to plant Shivlin over this grave before Shiv gains consciousness. She instructs everyone to guard the grave with Trishol while she fetches Shevlin. Ketki, Dadi, Kamal and Rekha guard the grave of Amar. Ananya drags the cart of Shivlin.

There was a strong wind storm. One of Amar’s hands raises from the grave. A huge rock prevented the cart to move. Ananya removes the rock. Meanwhile, the family aimed their Trishol towards the raised hand. Another hand had risen from the grave. Before Ananya could reach, the grave rips apart and Amar stands up as the devil with black eyes. He roars if they deemed they could get rid of him so easily. He is the devil, and the devil never dies. Ananya shouts that no family member must not be afraid of him, he is helpless. She continues dragging the card. Amar rolls fireballs in his hands. Ananya shouts a No! He throws the fireballs towards the family. Everyone falls back, hurt. Dadi had gone unconscious. Ananya takes Rahul’s attention towards Dadi and prays to Mahadev for her safety. Dadi wakes up with little help from Rahul and Kekti.

Curse of the Sands Thursday 30th September 2021 Update Zee World: Ananya forbids Amar who once again rolls the fireballs towards them. Ananya bucks them to fight instead of being afraid. Kamal picks up his Trishul, everyone goes to hold their own Trishul. Amar uses his powers to clutch Ketki’s neck from a distance. Kamal brings Ketki’s Trishul and she was relieved. Ananya hides behind the cart as the next Shivlin comes towards her. Shiv had reached the cart to protect Shivlin from falling off the cart. Ananya helps Shiv and both carry the Shivlin over their shoulders. Shiv tells everyone not to be fearful, Amar’s powers are nothing in front of Mahadev’s name. Amar was trapped as the family tightens the circle around him. He falls inside the grave while everyone chants ‘Om Namashivaye’. They throw the mud over him once again. Ananya and Shiv plant the Shivlin over his grave.

Sunanda meagerly smiles. The family was relieved. Shiv hugs Ananya.

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