Curse of the Sands Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Thursday 26 August 2021, Shiv prays to Devi maa what testimony it is. He had never thought Ananya is Mansi. He was happy to have lost Mansi because she was endangered because of him. It appeared Ananya would help him forget Mansi. But this is a testimony, he is a source of killing her.

Ananya stood in the room window. Ketki comes dancing over the song, Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Ananya inquires about the reason for Ketki’s odd behavior. Ketki was being sweet to Ananya. Ananya senses Ketki had some task for her. Ketki brings out a letter for her beloved him. Ananya asks what the name of her beloved is. Ketki was shy as she says it’s for Shiv.

Shiv understands the meaning of the dream. He decides he will be Mansi’s shield now, will protect her, and kill the witch. Afterward, he will move away from her, as he is unsure if he would be able to control his evil self after that witch’s death.
Ketki tells Ananya to give the message to Shiv she wrote the letter with her own blood. Ananya was shocked. Ketki says one has to do such things. She turns to leave for the famous parlor for a makeover. Ananya wasn’t ready to do anything. Ketki asks if Ananya also has a crush on Shiv. Ananya was in unrest. Ketki hands the letter to Ananya, then leaves.

It was evening, Shiv returns from the office. Amma Ji sat with some friends. Ananya comes downstairs with the letter. Amma Ji introduces Shiv to her friends. She tells Shiv she will pray with her friends for peace of the house. She would need to treat that witch as well. Shiv was alert at once at the mention of the witch. Amma Ji says it’s her daughter-in-law, Sunanda. Sunanda brings gifts for Dadi’s friends. Everyone was appreciative of Sunanda and her mannerism. Amma Ji deliberately pushes Sunanda to fell and cries herself. Ananya comes as her mother’s savior but Sunanda takes her inside. In the kitchen, Sunanda tells Ananya not to be annoyed. Ananya asks Sunanda to at least once reply to Dadi. After Ananya had left, Sunanda decides to give a good reply to Ananya’s Dadi this time.
Ananya was thinking about Ketki’s letter, then wonders why she is troubling herself.

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In the kitchen, Sunanda says no one called her a witch in 525 years as many times as this Amma Ji mentioned her.
Ananya watches Shiv with the old ladies doing aarti. Shiv comes to help Dadi. Dadi calls Shiv on her side and Ananya on the other side. Ananya was unable to take Shiv’s attention. Both look at each other at once. Ananya shows him the letter. Shiv gets a phone call and takes a leave from Dadi. Ananya follows him but Sunanda requests Ananya’s help for Khichdi Prasad. Sunanda watches Amma Ji being served with the Prasad. All at once, Amma’s Ji’s throat choke. There was white floss from her mouth. Shiv comes there and observes she is allergic. He brings the medicine. Ananya gives water to Amma Ji. Amma Ji was relieved and wonders if Sunanda added peanuts in the khichdi. She prays for a long life for Shiv as he has really proven himself to be her protector.

In the room, Ananya wonders why she hasn’t been able to give the letter to Shiv. She finally reads the letter and could relate to every sentence in it. ‘there was a strange wave of happiness when she first saw him, she wished the moments of their eye-locks happening everywhere, there is a thread attracting them towards each other; it feels their talks keep ongoing for centuries. She has a right over his care and anger, even his scolding gives a sense of ownership. She always wishes the time stops right there whenever with him. She wishes to be his forever. Ananya was happily reading the letter and dances around. She then wonders where is she headed, why she is unable to control herself.

Ananya wonders why she is unable to control herself from thinking about Shiv. The heart sticker with Shiv’s name flies and sticks on the sticker with Ananya’s name, making a Shivanya. Ananya wonders what’s happening to her, she needs to discuss with Shiv and tell him. She can’t suppress this feeling anymore. She laughs thinking about all her memories with Shiv.

Curse of the Sands Thursday 26th August 2021 Update Zee World: In the room, Sunanda was furious that Shiv flopped her whole plan. Shiv stood at the door of the room and questions Sunanda why she tried to kill Dadi. He walks inside recalling he had seen Sunanda deliberately put the peanuts in Khichdi. Sunanda cries and says she is fed up with all the insults she-bear each day. She never wanted to kill her, she was only angry. She joins her hand and requests Shiv not to tell anyone. She was even ready to hold his feet. Ananya comes to the room and inquires why she is on Shiv’s feet. Sunanda stands up and says this is only her right to thank Shiv. Ananya asks Shiv why he didn’t stop her. Sunanda makes up he did, he would never want her to do so. She takes leave to the kitchen. Ananya smiles that her mummy is really nice, she can neither think nor do wrong to anyone. Shiv doesn’t pay attention to Ananya’s words and instead leaves the room. Shiv was restless in his room. He thinks no one can even dream about what Sunanda did. If it was really a mistake or some thoughtful planning.

Ketki comes home in a changed western attire. Everyone laughs at her new look. Afterward, Ananya asks Ketki what she did to her hair. Ketki asks Ananya if she has handed the letter to Shiv. Ananya apologizes as she lost the letter.
At night, Amma Ji gives a heater to Ananya to take it to Shiv. Sunanda asks for the heater. Amma Ji scolds Sunanda for interfering and tells her to find her socks instead. Ananya goes to Shiv’s room. He was walking outside on an open balcony. She calls him Phantom, it’s cold outside; what if he feels sick. She smiles weakly. Ananya goes to plug in bare electric wires in the switch. Shiv hurries to pull her hand back. He questions if she is mad and fond of electric shocks; who touches a wire barefooted. He pulls her closer. They share an eye lock. Ananya turns to leave the room with a smile on her face. Sunanda stood outside and thinks their closeness is increasing, she must do something.

The next morning, Sunanda was waiting in the hall when Shiv leaves for office. He tells someone he will first go to a temple, then reach the office. Sunanda makes a call to inform her man that Shiv is coming to the temple, he must give him poisonous Prasad. She silently apologizes to Shiv as he had compelled her, the witch Mohini to come out.
Ananya finds Shiv’s scooter outside the temple. In there, Shiv prays to God to help him find the witch. If Mansi is here, that which must also be around. Ananya comes to stand beside Shiv, smiles, and prays alongside him. Shiv was taken aback as he finds Ananya there. Pandit Ji comes to greet them and bless the couple.

Sunanda’s appointed man comes to Shiv as Pandit. He brought poisonous Prasad to Shiv. Ananya runs to take the Prasad as well. Ananya tries to speak to Shiv, but all at once, Shiv starts suffocating and coughing badly. His body was arrested stiff and he falls on the floor. Ananya was tensed and cries for help. Sunanda receives the call that her task was done. Ananya cries for help from someone. Shiv’s body goes still. Ananya wakes Shiv up, moving her body. He pushes Ananya away from himself. Her forehead was injured and blood drops fell over Shiv’s face. All at once, Shiv’s eyes turn black.

He recalls his mother taught him the Mantra whenever he was fearful. He had covered his eyes and repeat the mantra. Ananya cries in relief and goes to help Shiv stand up. Shiv thinks about the Prasad and says the Prasad is stuck in his windpipe maybe. He was unable to see the blood on Ananya’s forehead and leaves the temple.
Sunanda happily brings Amma Ji’s favorite breakfast for her. She promises to bring Radha’s paneer pakora for her as well. They wonder why Sunanda feels happy. Sunanda cheerfully cooks in the kitchen, thinking soon she will teach them all a lesson alike. Ananya and Shiv return home. Sunanda was shocked to see Shiv there.

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