Curse of the Sands Thursday 19th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 19th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Thursday 19th August 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Thursday 19 August 2021, Shiv’s clothes were ruined. He shouts from the street against this misbehavior. Ananya opens the window panes and breaks into laughter. A young man comes to Shiv and inquires who he is, and why he came here. Shiv says he came looking for Panday and Sons. The young man recognizes him as the guest and takes him to the shop. He offers him water in the cup to wash his face; then offers him, sweets, for free. Another boy comes there saying the box he offered free was prepared by Ananya. The young boy says it’s his Mama Ji’s order that Ananya’s sweet won’t be sold. Shiv appreciates the taste and quality. The young guy sells the box to him for Rs. 1000. Shiv leaves thinking he would mention the fluctuating rates of this shop in his report. There, the young guy thinks he earns black money by Mama Ji’s rule of not selling Ananya’s sweet.

The guests were home. Rekha and her daughter Keti were introduced by Mr. Mishra. Ananya’s father comes to greet the guests. He calls Mohini aka Sunanda to bring Ananya downstairs. The guests inquire about Sunanda as she seems to be an elder sister to Ananya. Rekha says she is a foster mother of Ananya. Ananya tries to cheer the disgruntled mood of her mother. Her father sends Sunanda to serve the guests and warns Ananya of any mischief. Ananya offers sweets to guests. Her Dadi complements Ananya’s talents. Ananya says she is talented, but can’t only prepare tea. She is used to bed tea.

She asks the guy directly if he can cook tea for her family; why girls are forced into every test. The guy warmly agrees as men and women are considered equal in today’s society. Ananya says she would surely agree to marry him then. Keti directs him to the kitchen. He brings the tea, and every one tastes it. The guy approves of the proposal. His mother gifts Ananya shogun (gifts). Pandit Ji comes home complaining that he wasn’t informed about the approval. Dadi goes to Pandit Ji and bribes him at once for some good Mohrat.

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Pandit ji reads the Kundli. He says there is a Maha-Dosh in her birth chart. Her husband will murder her; as her husband is her death. Ananya drops the Shagun from her hand. Dadi tries to stop the guests who leave at once. Sunanda thinks only Mann is her fate. He will be her husband, and then her death.

Upstairs in the room, Ananya was crying. Sunanda comes to console her. Ananya breaks into loud laughter and says this Dosh is a free ticket for her to run away from marriage. She doesn’t believe in any such thing as Kundli. She believes a person is responsible for his own fate. She wishes an announcement across the city that whoever marries Ananya will be jailed. She wants to fly high in the world. She wants “Panday and Daughter” on the board. She then decides to go to the temple of Shiv Ji for thanksgiving.

Curse of the Sands Thursday 19th August 2021 Update Zee World: Shiv gets a call from Dai Maa. Dai Maa was tensed. He wasn’t ready for emotional blackmail. Dai Maa suggests he go to Shiv Ji’s temple in Banaras, what if he gets some peace of mind and her powers back. After the call, Shiv decides he must get the peace at Kashi here. Ananya throws her flower garland down the window which fell straight into Shiv’s neck. She runs downstairs. Shiv recognized the breeze passing by her and turns around. Ananya goes in the opposite direction.

At the Shiv’s temple, Shiv was doing the Pooja. Ananya reaches the temple but wasn’t allowed permission inside. She comes to the yard, thinking about ways to get inside. She takes a veil and convinces the Pandit that inside is her husband, she can’t let him perform such a pious task all on his own. The Pandit allows her inside, she sits with Shiv and happily thank God for saving her from the marriage. She prays for the success of their shop, she also prays for happiness for her mother.
Shiv prays to get rid of the evil inside him, which he has been striving for years. He also prays for power to overcome each of the tricks being used on him by that witch. Both Ananya and Shiv stand up together. The Pandit ties their Chunri with each other deeming it wedlock.

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