Curse of the Sands Monday 10th May 2021 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeMay 9, 2021

Curse of the Sands Monday 10th May 2021 Update: On Curse of the Sands Monday 10 May 2021, An old Rajasthani temple is shown. Camels in the desert walk towards the temple. A woman Siya enters the temple addressing Devi maa that whoever comes to temple complain how their problems increased, but she never complained as she trusted God, she got her husband Ram with her belief, he loved her so much, but now wants to break up with her, holding divorce papers.

She continues how can Ram leave her when could not live without her, how can Devi maa watch this; when devimaa is snatching her light even Devi maa will see darkness. At night an old woman lights fort with torches. Chudail taunts her. she calls Bhairav Singh. Chudail watches old woman Dayimaa from a distance. Old woman searches Bhairav Singh shouting where did he die. She turns hearing a voice but does not find anyone. Chudail continues taunting her. Dayimaa realizes chudail escaped from the fort.

Chudail walks saying she had to and will meet her love after 500 years. Dayimaa sees Mara Mara/dead on the main door and finds Bhairav Singh’s dead body hanging. She asks chudail why did kill Bhairav Singh and walks out. She gets into the middle of the desert and sees Ghagra paltan dancing around chudail, gets afraid, and warns Chadail she will not let her harm kunwar Saa/Ram. Chudail says if she had got her love kunwarsaa in previous lives, she would not have waited so long. She attacks Dayimaa with sand, but Dayimaa stands intact and warns again to stay away from kunwarsaa.

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Ram reaches Jaipur airport. His Grandma calls him and asks where is he, return home. He says he was heading to Jaipur to meet Siya, but due to bad weather, he landed in Jaipur. Grandma gets afraid and asks to return to back from there right now. Lights flicker, network gets disconnected. Ram thinks where to stay tonight.

Curse of the Sands Monday 10th May 2021 Update: Behramgarh board is shown. A car stands in front of him. He picks chit from his pocket and verifies the car’s number and gets into it. He greets the driver and asks to take him to Behramgarh. Bhairav Singh’s ghost drives a car. Grandma calls Dayimaa who asks to keep Ram away from Behramgarh as chudail has escaped. Grandma says Ram is in Jaipur now and asks to not let him enter Behramgarh.

Siya sings a song for Ram in the desert and in the morning, takes holy dip in the lake, and says she is sacrificing her and Ram’s relationship and even god and hers. Grandma calls her and asks what childishness is this, she went to India and Ram went behind her. Siya looking at divorce papers says he came to take divorce. Grandma says he is in Rajasthan and is heading towards Behramgarh, if he reaches there, the evil spirit will not spare him, their 2 generations did not step into India.

Siya says even she is near Behramgarh and will stop Ram from entering Behramgarh. Ram reaches near the fort and gets out of the car. Car disappears. Ram walks towards his briefcase when chudail walks towards him and is about to touch him when Siya reaches. Her dupatta falls on them. Chudail disappears. Siya asks what is he doing here and takes him along. Chudail picks the soil of Ram’s footstep and smears it as sindhoor greets Ram to her land.


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