Curse Of The Sands July Teasers 2021

Curse Of The Sands July Teasers 2021
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This is th eofficial Curse Of The Sands July Teasers 2021 on zee world.

Thursday 1 July 2021

Episode 52

A dream of Siya getting killed disturbs Ram and reinforces his belief of Siya being in danger. While Ram pesters Devki for answers to his questions about the witch, Siya shows her gratefulness for Devki’s unstinting support towards her and Ram’s relationship. Later, a guilt-ridden Devki is reminded by Mohini to kill Siya within 24 hours. Fearfully, Devki mixes some suspicious ingredients in the ‘laddus’, Indian sweet, she makes for Siya. Mohini waits in gleeful anticipation for Siya’s death.

Friday 2 July 2021

Episode 53

Siya tells Ram and Saroj Devi about Devki’s changed behaviour. Through Saroj Devi, Siya realises how her presence deterred the negative forces from harming Ram in the past and vows to be by Ram’s side in the future. Meanwhile, a frustrated Ram realises that the witch, in her desire for him, is harming Siya. He vows to protect her but remains unaware of Mohini’s schemes to kill Siya. To complete the task given by Mohini, Devki lures Siya to a jungle on a false pretext and stabs her with a dagger.

Saturday 3 July 2021

Episode 54


Realising that Siya may be in danger, Ram goes in search of her. In the jungle, he sees Devki repeatedly stabbing Siya and is left shocked. He immediately rushes Siya to the hospital for treatment. Mohini, who arrives later, reveals how she fooled Devki and got her to kill Siya. She also reveals how she plans to reunite with Ram when Siya is no longer a hindrance to her plans. In the hospital, Siya’s health deteriorates as the dagger was envenomed with a fatal poison.

Sunday 4 July 2021

Episode 55


The doctor informs Ram about Siya’s fading health. As Siya is not given the poison’s antidote on time, the poison spreads, and she is put on life support. In the jungle, Mohini tells Devki about the dagger being imbued with poison. She also beheads Devki, but shockingly, Devki does not die. She challenges Mohini about never succeeding in her end goal. Lastly, a devastated Ram goes to the goddess’s temple and declares his intention of sacrificing his life if Siya does not live.

Monday 5 July 2021

Episode 56

Being a witch, Devki survives even after being beheaded. Mohini instructs her fellow witches to deal with Devki’s body, while she takes the head with herself to witness the on goings at the hospital. Upon not finding Ram at a dying Siya’s bedside, she gets flustered. Her agitation increases when Devki confidently states that Ram may be taking some measures to save Siya. True to Devki’s words, Ram decides to do a ‘Vat Savitri Vrat’, a fast, to save Siya’s life.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Episode 57

Mohini arrives at the hospital to know Ram’s whereabouts. Upon hearing the palace guards’ information about Ram keeping the ‘Vat Savitri Vrat’ to save Siya, she is left outraged. She reaches the temple where Ram is performing the rituals of the fast. Each time Ram performs the final ritual, Mohini uses her black magic to create obstacles. However, a dedicated Ram comes up with a solution, which leaves Mohini helpless. After successfully completing the rituals, Ram pleads with Siya to wake up.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Episode 58


The doctor apprises Ram that as the poison has spread through Siya’s blood, she will die if removed from the ventilator, life support machine. Ram comes up with a solution, which includes removing the poisonous blood from Siya’s body and transfusing her with his blood. During the transfusion, Mohini uses her black magic and destroys the ventilator. Without the ventilator supporting Siya, the doctor declares her dead. Devastated, Ram hugs Siya when the biggest miracle happens.

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Thursday 8 July 2021

Episode 59

Siya asks Ram to mark her forehead with vermilion on the occasion of ‘Vat Savitri’. Siya getting better, angers Mohini, and she wreaks havoc on the hospital. With evil intentions, she enters Siya’s room and injures Saroj Devi. Ram, who returns from the temple, is shocked to see the hospital’s devastation and Saroj Devi’s state. Worried about Siya, he forcefully enters the room, but Mohini pushes him out and vanishes with Siya. To find Siya, Ram decides to take help of the holy epic, Ramayana.

Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 60


Mohini’s attempts of killing Siya fail. Clutching the holy epic, Ramayana, Ram looks for Siya throughout Behramgarh. By god’s grace and clues from Ramayana, Ram learns that Siya could be held captive by the witch at a fabled fort. Coming across its entrance, Ram remembers that the once glorious fort is now inhabited by negative forces. Undeterred, Ram moves to enter the fort, where Mohini waits in anticipation for his arrival. She also instructs her fellow witches to bury Siya under the ground.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Episode 61

When Ram enters the fort, Mohini welcomes him with a shower of flower petals, which frustrates him. He comes across Mohini, who has covered her face with a veil. Seeing Ram frantically look for Siya, Mohini tells him that Siya is dead. Once again, clues from the Ramayana help Ram locate Siya. Mohini begs him to forget Siya and accept her instead, but Ram does not relent. As all of her pleadings fall on deaf ears, Mohini inflicts pain on Ram to stop him, but he remains firm on his stance.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Episode 62

Following Ram’s shocking declarations, Mohini decides to kill Ram to free Maharana Bhanu Pratap’s soul and unite with it. Meanwhile, Ram, who has located where Siya is buried, tries to awaken her. But, before he could succeed, Mohini injures him. Devki pleads with Mohini to stop but she continues to torture Ram. To protect Ram, Siya awakens, and together, the couple uses the Ramayana as a shield to know the witch’s identity. They back Mohini into a corner, but she vanishes away.

Monday 12  July 2021

Episode 63

Devki gloats upon Mohini’s defeat at Ram and Siya’s hands. Back at the palace, Ram and Siya are welcomed with pomp for being the first ones to return unscathed from the fabled fort. Mohini’s show of being concerned about Ram and Siya earns her the right to look after the affairs of the palace, the job which was once Devki’s. While everyone blames Devki for attempting to kill Siya, Siya thinks she is innocent. She is determined to find Devki for she is the only one who can lead them to the witch.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Episode 64

Overhearing Ram and Siya discussing how to find the witch, Mohini tries to stop them. The next morning, Siya discovers the clue Devki had left for Ram, which led him to the jungle to save her. Falling for Mohini’s act, Siya forgives her and asks for her help in proving Devki innocent. She starts recollecting all the events prior to getting stabbed to find some clues. Devki, who had left a clue in the ‘laddus’ she had made for Siya, becomes happy when Siya decides to consume them.

wednesday 14 July 2021

Episode 65


Before Siya could consume the ‘laddus’ left by Devki, Ram stops her. Siya breaks a ‘laddu’ and finds a diamond inside it. Mohini twists this event to her benefit and claims that Devki’s intention was for her to die after consuming the diamond. After Mohini leaves, Siya cleverly breaks other ‘laddus’ and finds a blue sapphire and a pearl in them, and understands that they are the clues Devki left behind. Meanwhile, Ram unknowingly aids Mohini in her plan by instructing her to stay close to Siya.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Episode 66

Valentine’s Day for Siya begins with beautiful surprises from Ram. Mohini’s thoughts make her desire for spending the day of love with Ram clear. When Ram encircles a neckpiece around Siya’s neck, she remembers the gift given by Devki and runs away to inspect it. Deluding Ram into thinking her to be Siya, Mohini spends intimate moments with Ram. While trying to figure out the clues left by Devki, Siya is left shocked seeing the witch with Ram in her disguise.

Friday 16 July 2021

Episode 67

Siya confronts the witch in Ram’s absence and threatens her. On getting mocked by the witch, Siya challenges her to show her real face, but the witch disappears. Later, Siya advocates Devki’s innocence, which irks Ram and he goes away. Taking advantage of Mohini and her fellow witches’ absence, Devki dislodges her head from the peg it was hanged on and goes in search of Siya. Mohini creates a unique punishment for Devki’s insolence by giving her a body, but no control over it.

Saturday 17 July 2021

Episode 68

After trapping Devki in one of her fellow witch’s body, Mohini humiliates her. Later, she tries to convince Siya to abort her search for Devki and focus on pacifying an angry Ram. As fate would have it, Ram’s anger plays to Siya’s benefit, for she figures out what Devki wanted to tell her. The information leaves her so shocked and scared, that even Mohini wonders about Siya’s scared behaviour. Following this, Siya one by one figures out the truth behind each mystery.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Episode 69

Realising that Mohini is the witch, Siya becomes frantic. Masking her fear, she goes and lovingly embraces Mohini and thanks her for all the help. Seeing Siya in action, Devki becomes ecstatic and hopeful of Siya defeating Mohini. To throw Mohini and her fellow witches off the scent, Siya decides to fool them with false information. Later, she calls their family’s priest to the temple to get some help. Meanwhile, an angry Ram is advised by Saroj Devi to patch things up with Siya.

Monday 19 July 2021

Episode 70

The episode continued on Curse Of The Sands July Teasers 2021 as The priest gives Siya some magical salt and also shares a musical weakness of Mohini and her fellow witches. He also adds that using these, she could confirm if Mohini is a witch or not. Heeding to Saroj Devi’s advice, Ram apologises to Siya, but to fool Mohini, Siya fakes an unexpected reaction which angers Ram. Continuing with her act, Siya asks Mohini to help organise a musical entertainment programme to pacify Ram. Later, she also feeds Mohini a morsel of food containing the magical salt.

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Episode 71

Eating food laced with the magical salt has an adverse effect on Mohini. Seeing Mohini’s state, it becomes obvious to Siya that she is the witch. The priest gives Siya an ancient musical instrument known as the ‘Ravanahatha’, which can put witches under a trance and weaken them when played. Meanwhile, Vivian assures Mallika of their mysterious plans coming to fruition soon. Siya surprises Ram with the planned music and dance performance with the intention to reveal Mohini’s true identity.

Tuesday 21 July 2021

Episode 72

When Siya starts playing the ‘Ravanahatha’, Mohini involuntarily dances to its beats. Seeing Mohini bleed during the dance, Ram snatches the instrument and throws it away, thereby foiling Siya’s plan. Later, the priest tells Siya that only the ‘vajra’, a ritualistic weapon, made with Maharana Bhanupratap’s bones and used by Ram, could kill Mohini. He advises her to confess the truth to Ram and procure the weapon before Mohini’s powers double due to the impending lunar eclipse.

Wednesday 22 July 2021

Episode 73

Mohini awaits the lunar eclipse to regain her powers. Siya continues with the charade of being unaware of her truth. Mohini tells her fellow witches to keep an eye on Siya and stop her from gaining Ram’s support. While Siya prepares to tell Ram about Mohini being the witch and the way to kill her, Mohini regains her powers under the influence of the lunar eclipse. Mohini enters Siya’s room and starts gloating upon her victory. She tells Siya to remove the veil from her face and confront her.

Thursday 23 July 2021

Episode 74

Mohini removes the veil thinking it to be Siya underneath but finds Vivian instead. To escape Mohini’s wrath, Vivian pleads his allegiance to her. However, Mohini, in her rage, punishes him by turning him into an old man. Successful in fooling Mohini, Siya meets Ram at the temple. She explains the truth about Mohini and shares the way to kill her as well. Realising the truth, Ram agrees to go to the temple of Lord Shiva to obtain the ‘vajra’, a ritualistic weapon which can kill Mohini.

Friday 24 July 2021

Episode 75


A stressed Mallika blames Siya for Vivian’s disappearance. Mohini tortures Vivian so that his cries could lure Siya out of the temple. While looking for Vivian, Siya enters Mohini’s chambers where she senses Devki’s presence. Devki tries to call Siya but she is stopped in time by one of the fellow witches. Siya is soon confronted by Mohini who boasts about her powers. While Siya confidently faces Mohini, Ram reaches the temple of ‘Lord Shiva’ to obtain the ‘vajra’.


Saturday 25 July 2021

Episode 76

Siya tells Mohini to forget the thought of attaining Ram’s love. Ram asks a few ascetics to help him find the ‘vajra’. As per an ascetic’s advice, Ram decides to worship ‘Lord Shiva’ ritually to obtain the ‘vajra’. Meanwhile, Siya traps Mohini in a web and throws the magical salt at her to weaken her powers. However, after having her powers doubled under the lunar eclipse’s influence, Mohini escapes the web and injures Siya. As Mohini is unable to kill Siya herself, she makes another plan.

Sunday 26 July 2021

Episode 77

On seeing Vivian’s state, Mallika pleads with Mohini to spare his life. Mohini tells her to kill Siya if she wants Vivian alive. After Mallika agrees to do her bidding, Mohini hands her a sword and commands her to end Siya’s life. Meanwhile, Ram’s prayers to ‘Lord Shiva’ are answered as he successfully obtains the ‘vajra’. With the ‘vajra’ in hand, Ram goes back to the palace to save Siya. Before Mallika could fatally strike Siya with the sword, Ram manages to stop her.

Monday 27 July 2021

Episode 78


Ram takes the sword from Mallika and throws it away. Livid, Mohini decides to kill him instead and unite with Rana Bhanupratap in the spirit world. When she tries to attack him, Ram uses the ‘vajra’ to fight her. While Mohini gains an upper hand in some situations, Ram’s strength and the ‘vajra’ overpower her. He stabs Mohini with the ‘vajra’ and forces her to reveal Devki’s whereabouts. When Ram is distracted by an illusion she puts him under, Mohini retaliates by stabbing him with the ‘vajra’.

Tuesday 28 July 2021

Episode 79

As soon as he is stabbed with the ‘vajra’, Ram turns into stone. Siya pleads with Mohini to restore Ram’s life and form. Mohini seems to take great delight in Siya and Saroj Devi’s pain. When Siya repeatedly asks the reason for her vengeful ways, Mohini invites her to travel 500 years back in time to know her side of the story. With her agreement, Mohini and Siya’s soul travel to the Behramgarh of her era. Hereafter, begins the story of Mohini, her Rana Sa and his wife Rajeshwari.

Wednesday 29 July 2021

Episode 80

While Rana Sa goes to deal with the threat to his kingdom, he enlists Durga Dai, a palace worker, to take care of Rajeshwari. Knowing that Mohini was the one who had spied on Rana Sa and Rajeshwari, Durga Dai berates her. She mocks Mohini’s love for Rana Sa and reminds her of her status as a lowly dancer in the royal court. Mohini’s first confrontation with a witch and her first meet with Rana Sa are observed by Siya. In the present, Saroj Devi and the priest are seen worrying for Ram and Siya.


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Thursday 30 July 2021

Episode 81

Rajeshwari worries about Rana Sa being in their enemy’s captivity. After being in Mohini’s care for a month, Rana Sa returns, much to Rajeshwari’s relief. He credits his well-being to Mohini. As a reward to Mohini, Rajeshwari uplifts her status in the royal court and invites her to stay at the palace. Rana Sa also grants Mohini a reward in the form of a promise to protect her in life and after death. Taking advantage of Rana Sa’s generosity, Mohini makes a claim that leaves him stunned.

Friday 31 July 2021

Episode 82

Mohini’s false declaration of being pregnant with his child is believed by Rana Sa. When Rajeshwari’s baby shower is being planned, Rana Sa enters the palace and confesses to Mohini bearing his child. As an apology, he relinquishes his wealth, title and responsibilities to Rajeshwari and decides to leave the palace to live a vagrant life with Mohini. Not wanting this, Mohini asks the witch for help. Durga Dai and Rajeshwari arrive to this scene, trap the witch and confront Mohini for her lies.

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