Curse of the Sands Friday 27th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 27th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 27th August 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Friday 27 August 2021, Sunanda wonders how Shiv is still alive. Amma Ji was concerned about Ananya’s bleeding forehead. Ananya narrates the false story about having an accident on her way to college. She goes to the room. Amma ji sends Sunanda to look after Ananya.

In the room, Ananya wonders how strange this situation was. Shiv was in pain, but she stood there in tears. She was losing herself and life. She understands she has fallen in love with Shiv; the one she never liked is now the reason for her peace. She smiles and says ‘I love you Shiv’.

There in his room, Shiv wonders who he was. Why he was targeted or if Ananya was the targeted one. He thinks about solving the puzzle, else their lives are endangered. He then decides to behave strictly to Ananya, as he did before.

In the room, Ananya wonders how she would tell Shiv about her love. She would need to know what’s in Shiv’s mind. If love is in fire from both sides, there will be strong competition. She decides to find out if Shiv got the brains or not.

Sunanda comes to the room and makes a call, saying he is still alive. Kamal comes from behind and overhears her conversation. Sunanda doesn’t share with him, instead questions if he did something to throw out Shiv. Kamal requests to lend him some time, he has to think of some idea.

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Ananya brings yogurt for Shiv and leaves a note to test his intelligence. Shiv comes from the bath and finds the note. It reads, ‘What’s presented to Shiv God’. Shiv replies milk, then wonders what this childish question is. He finds another note around and then next. The last one reads, what if someone mixed something in the yogurt as well, did he test. Shiv was at once alert, then cautiously tastes the yogurt and recognizes the taste as Panday Bhandal’s. The next question reads, where and with whom he did the first pooja in Banaras. Shiv recognizes it was Ananya.

Outside the room, Ananya was thankful that Shiv replied to all the questions. He wonders where this Ananya is. Ananya runs away. Shiv wears his shirt and goes out to speak to Ananya. He finds Sunanda leave the house and thinks Dadi never let Sunanda out on her own. He follows her down the street. Sunanda meets the same old Pandit who had brought the poisonous Prasad for Shiv. Shiv wonders why Sunanda herself wants to kill her daughter. He needs to find out of the poison was for him, or Ananya. This also shows Sunanda has some connection with the witch.

Ananya speaks to Shiv’s photo and wonders why he is so bitter and angry all the time. She didn’t even like his face earlier, but now she has realized he is nice and good at heart.
Sunanda asks the old man if he is sure Shiv ate that Prasad.

Ananya selects a dress for herself as she is going to speak to Shiv.

Sunanda wonders how Shiv was safe from the poison, as the poison was strong enough to even kill a snake. She understands only her Mann holds the power to bear such strong poison. And for the same reason, Ananya and Shiv came close. She cheers that fate has played its game. Now she needs to create a relation between the two. Later, at home, Sunanda happily dances on the terrace. There was a power breakdown and all dark. Sunanda thinks everyone must get used to living in darkness, as soon she will get her powers back.

Sunanda reaches behind Ananya with a smile. Ananya looks quizzical while Shiv was disturbed, Sunanda stops Ananya and asks where she took these clothes from. Ananya says she took the dress from her wardrobe, she thought about preparing for Navratri. Sunanda laughs that she is her mother, she understands the preparation, the lightened eyes, and her new avatar. It’s something special. She complains that Ananya didn’t share her heart out with her.
Shiv comes to his room, restless. He calls Dai Maa and says he found Mansi. Dai Maa was tensed and forbids Shiv from going any nearer. Mansi’s shadow is also dangerous. He needs to come back. Shiv says Mansi is actually Ananya, and that Mohini is living at Ananya’s place as her mother.

Sunanda says these emotions appear on a girl’s face only when she is in love.
Dai Maa tells Shiv that Mohini knows Mansi is his weakness. The moment Mohini knows about him, she will kill Mansi and regain all her powers. She has planned this all and kept Mansi protected for the same reason. She forbids Shiv to mingle with that witch, and return home. She killed everyone this time his Dai Maa can’t afford to lose him. Shiv pulls out a dagger and says he will finish this witch. Dai Maa says Shiv can’t change the truth that Mohini is his mother, and all her evil powers will overcome Shiv if he takes her life. He must do nothing and come back. Shiv says he can’t leave Mansi alone, in danger.

Curse of the Sands Friday 27th August 2021 Update Zee World: Sunanda sits with Ananya and asks how long she will run away from her. Both smiles. Sunanda says she wished to bring Ananya happiness in life, and she promises she will get her love for Ananya. Ananya must continue doing what she tells her to, and she will win Shiv. Ananya hugs Sunanda. Sunanda says Ananya must find out who is there in Shiv’s family. They don’t even know Shiv well, Ananya must inquire about Shiv’s family and parents. Ananya happily kisses Sunanda’s cheeks and runs.

Shiv was in his room. He tells Dai Maa he was borne by a witch, he will reply to her tricks in her own language and manner. Dai Maa tells him to be cautious. Ananya watches Shiv leave the room. Ketki stops Ananya and inquires about what she is doing in Shiv’s room. She understands Ananya deliberately stole her letter as she also loves him. Ananya was annoyed at Ketki and tells her to go and do her own work. Ketki thinks there is something Ananya is hiding.
Ananya comes to Shiv’s room and decides to look into Shiv’s luggage and find out about his family. He won’t easily tell her the details himself. She looks into the luggage and finds the photo of Shiv’s parents.

Sunanda was in her room and thinks there is nothing wrong with assuring herself. Mann must have a photo of Rana Sa and Sukan. If not, she will understand Shiv forgot them. Ananya brings a photo to Sunanda. Sunanda was upset. Shiv comes to snatch the photo and was angry over Ananya for checking the luggage. Sunanda asks Shiv if he is sure these are his parents. Shiv recalls having changed the photo in the frame.
In the room, Shiv tells Dai Maa he was cautious of the letter already. But he replaced the photo. He had spotted Ananya check his luggage. The game has started.

Sunanda inquires the fake Pandit if he had seen him eat that poisonous Prasad or not. The man turns to leave saying he didn’t. Sunanda follows him and asks if he couldn’t tell her earlier. She accuses him of teasing her in the middle of the street. The men around beat him. Sunanda was upset that Shiv isn’t Mann, she was mistaken. Shiv watched this from a distance.

Amma Ji enjoys sweet peas in the cold. Ketki comes to Amma Ji and asks if she loves her. She tells Amma Ji that she had a nightmare last night, and even Shiv wasn’t there. She has taken a tough decision and is ready to marry Shiv. This way, Nani can keep Shiv at her own house. She says she likes Shiv, but was shy and couldn’t tell anyone. Amma Ji appreciates her choice and assures she will speak to Shiv. Ananya hears all this and thinks about stopping Dadi. Downstairs, Dadi pours water in her hand and vows to marry Shiv and Ketki. Ketki comes to Ananya and says now her Nani will do the work for her. Ananya says if Ketki dares to love, she must as well dare to speak about it. She will speak to Shiv herself and will express her love on her own. Sunanda had come home and hears this.

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