Curse of the Sands Friday 24th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 24th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 24th September 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Friday 24 September 2021, It was morning. Shiv comes out of the bath and throws the towel on his bed. Gauri was there on his bed and inquires if she appears to be a cloth hanging hook. Shiv tells her to leave his room. She straightens herself on his bed. He tries to pull her out of the bed but she demands to massage her feet instead; as per his brother’s instructions. Shiv was helpless and massages her feet. Her giggles irritated Shiv. She now pulls her dress up such that her legs are half bare, and enjoys the massage.

Ketki was crying in the room. Her family consoles her. Ketki asks Amma to read her palm if Shiv is there in his face. Rekha cries that her husband doesn’t care for her, and is always after Sunanda. Amma jihad her sorrows of losing her husband and son both. Ketki decides to stay away from the two ladies and goes to take help from Pappu Baba.

Sunanda comes to Amar’s room. She pulls his earplugs off. Amar states that her misbehavior is increasing. Sunanda warns Amar that Baba and the girl are both fooling him. He might lose Ananya if he relies on that Baba. Amar was angry and slaps Sunanda, and tells her to keep her advice to herself. It’s his matter, he will take care of it. Sunanda says he is being over-confident and will regret it. He performed a tough practice, did Baba tell him about any result and Ananya. She tells Amar to ask that Baba then. Sunanda leaves the room, Amar follows.

There, Amma Ji reads Ketki’s birth chart. Rekha decides to show the birth chart to Pappu Baba instead. Rahul says, Baba is Amar’s Baba, and they are only his servants.

Curse of the Sands Friday 24th September 2021 Update Zee World: Amar and Sunanda come to Baba’s Pooja room. Amar asks about Ananya’s condition. Baba says she must be better. His meditation must have worked, that’s why Shiv committed such a huge mistake. Amar thinks he is right. Baba offers to go and check on Ananya’s condition. Sunanda says they will also go with him. Baba now speaks to Amar that he already wanted to stay away from this witch, Sunanda; else he will leave the house. Amar agrees to do as per Baba’s wish and didn’t want him to leave.

In Ananya’s room, Baba locks the door. He was worried about what he must do now, Ananya is there with Shiv, as Gauri.

Sunanda and Amar reach outside Ananya’s room. Kamal was tensed about what he must do now. Sunanda convinces Amar that something is definitely wrong. Amar uses his magic to open the door. Sunanda and Amar were shocked that Ananya and Baba were not in bed. Sunanda asserts that this Baba is fooling him. Amar screams, Ananya!

Rekha cries watching her couple phone with Mishra Ji. Her husband is lost and crazy after the witch only.

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Amar and Sunanda reach the darkroom to question Baba. Baba tells Amar that miraculously, Ananya came here to the place where he spent his time for her. Sunanda thinks, there is something surely wrong; how can Ananya recover so soon. Shiv comes to the room but Baba doesn’t let him speak at all. Amar tells Shiv to stay silent. Baba tells Amar that when he had left the room, he was misled by someone. Now he must take a U-turn and return to his love. Ananya doesn’t speak a single word and leaves. Sunanda wonders why Ananya is wearing an anklet that Gauri wears. Amar doesn’t let Sunanda follow her and instead slaps her. He says he has now understood, Sunanda doesn’t want him and Ananya to unite at any cost. He doesn’t need any more advice from Sunanda. Sunanda leaves. Amar kneels in front of Baba. Baba leaves.
Rahul comes to Amma Ji and tells them Pappu Baba brought Ananya to consciousness.

Mishra Ji places an ice pack at Sunanda’s neck. He cursed Amar. He convinces Sunanda she must bear some pain, as people say ‘No Pain, No Gain’. Sunanda recalls Baba fallen on the floor, and applying a fake mustache. Then Ananya wearing Gauri’s anklet. She thinks there is something wrong for sure. Gauri, Ananya and Baba are a single team.

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