Curse of the Sands Friday 20th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 20th August 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 20th August 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Friday 20 August 2021, Sunanda senses Mann’s presence around her outside the temple. She turns around. Shiv had just come outside the temple. Sunanda calls him as Mann. Shiv looks quizzical as she walks towards him. There was a flash from the past in his mind while he was a child. Sunanda says finally, they have faced each other. None can reach their death for long. She grabs his neck.

There, Dai Maa wakes up from this dream. She panics and calls Shiv at once. He doesn’t take her call. She was impatient and wonders if this dream is going to be true.

Dadi requests Pandit Ji for some remedy of Ananya’s birth chart dosh. Pandit Ji says he is trying to find a remedy. Kamal comes home shouting for Ananya. Kamal throws a bundle of papers in the air and questions what this all is. Dadi reads Ananya had advertised her Kundli Dosh through these adverts. Kamal slaps Ananya straight on the face as she denies this.

Shiv walks out of the temple. He checks his cell phone and notices 10 missed calls from Dai Maa. Dai Maa takes his call and shares her nightmare and concern. He assures me he is fine. Dai Maa tells him not to walk around in sun. Shiv boasts about buying a new bike, he can commute easily now. He takes the newspaper from a person sitting around and reads the good prediction of the horoscope for the day. Dai Maa tells him to find a girl then and get married. Shiv says he has a lot to do in life right now.

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There, Kamal curses Ananya to be a blackened shadow for the house. She is responsible for every sorrow in his life. Dadi stops Kamal but he blames his mother and Sunanda for all the love. Ananya argues that as a father, he has full right to abuse her; but her mother is innocent. It’s her decision because she doesn’t want to marry. Her mother is even unaware of all this. She runs outside the house. Dadi sends Keti behind her but Ananya had left in her car. Dadi was tensed and calls for Sunanda; Sunanda is the only one who can control her right now. Keti goes inside to look for Ananya. Rekha says Sunanda’s love is only a show-off, she is invisible at the time of need.

Shiv fell off his scooter as Ananya’s car hits it from behind. Ananya comes outside and shouts at Shiv for not being able to drive a bike. Ananya says everyone blames a girl for every mistake, no man gives respect to any woman though it’s a woman who gives them life. She wishes to show him the right place right away. Ananya’s hand was bleeding. Shiv feels uneasy by the blood and gets a few flashes from his past, biting someone’s hand. He tries to control himself. Meanwhile, some goons come to fight Shiv in favor of Ananya. Ananya questions why they are here for her fight, she can fight for herself. The goons forcefully hold her hand. Shiv, who had controlled himself by now, beats the goons near to death. Ananya tries to get them freed. She brings a pot of water from a nearby temple and bathes Shiv in the water. Shiv remembers the advice from her mother to stand under cold water if he ever feels anger. He stares at Ananya who once again reminded him of his mother. The police had reached the place.

Curse of the Sands Friday 20th August 2021 Update Zee World: In the police station, Shiv and Ananya sat on the same bench. Ananya cursed herself for prizing her mother. She tries to speak to the inspector. Shiv murmurs that this girl is a complete package of problems. He is a government servant, still sits here because of her. Ananya requests the inspector to let her call her mother, she belongs to a very good family and wonders how she was stuck here. The inspector gives her the number. Sunanda takes Ananya’s call. Sunanda wonders what this girl has done now. Ananya requests Sunanda to come and take her, she is in much trouble. Sunanda promises to be there.

At home, Dadi was tensed for Ananya, she wonders if Sunanda has taken her granddaughter away from home. She prays for return of Ananya. Radha and her family join Dadi while Kamal watches from a corner seat.
Sunanda reaches the police station inquiring about Ananya. She was unable to see Shiv’s face from the corner but silently recognizes Mann.

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