Curse of the Sands Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Friday 17 September 2021, Ananya comes to Kamal’s room. He lay unconscious under the bed. Ananya cries as she calls her Papa for help, she has fallen lonely and needs her father’s support. She prays for Kamal’s return and any hint about his whereabouts. Kamal gains consciousness and moves under the bed. Ananya was about to leave the room. Kamal moves the side table with his head. Ananya was moved and turns around wondering where the voice came from.

Kamal moves the side table once again. This time, Ananya comes to look behind another side of the bed and table. Before she could leave the room, Kamal moves the side table with greater force and the lamp and vase falls off. Ananya spots Kamal. She removes the tape from his face. She cries wondering what this all is. Kamal says none belongs to them now, they must leave this place as soon as possible. Ananya wasn’t ready to leave Shiv. Kamal says Shiv is no more the same. Ananya goes unconscious. Kamal checks the table but there was no water in the jug there. He tells Ananya he won’t leave her side.

Outside in the hall, Amma Ji celebrates her new jewelry. Kamal convinces her that Ananya is unconscious. Rekha and Mishra Ji come home from shopping and were not ready to listen to Kamal. He insists he will stand-alone, on his own. Sunanda pushes him from behind and he falls to the floor. Sunanda tells him to stand well himself, then boast about standing with his daughter. She threatens if Kamal tries to interfere with her plans, Ananya won’t be able to recognize her face for the next seven births.

Shiv passes by the room. Ananya lay on the bed, unconscious. He thinks about Ananya, insisting that she is his wife. He wonders why he has been thinking about Ananya and is attracted to her. If they really share a connection. He turns to look at her face, then opens the door of her room. He was pulled back by Ketki. Ketki tells Shiv he has no place near Ananya, Ananya isn’t his love, she is. Ananya always wanted to part with them and is still doing so. She holds Shiv’s hand and insists she loves him dearly.

She lost him once because of Ananya, but she doesn’t want to lose him again. Shiv pulls his handoff. Amar comes to Shiv and seconds Ketki, he and Ketki loved each other. Shiv wonders why he doesn’t feel a connection with Ketki. He has a stranger feeling with Ketki. Amar asks if he would doubt his brother now, only because of his feelings. He gives Ketki’s hand in Shiv’s, convincing Shiv and Ketki is in love. He assures he will handle Ananya. Shiv must go with Ketki. Shiv leaves. Ketki thanks Amar, who nods.

Kamal sat on the bed, holding hands of still unconscious Ananya. He cries as he couldn’t be a good father and fulfill his responsibilities. Ananya wakes up, calling his name, and cries once again. Kamal takes her into his hug and cries. Ananya wipes his tears and sobs that she would also lose courage if Kamal cries. She asks him to promise he will always stand with her. Kamal promises he will always stand with her.

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In the morning, Amar knocks at the door of the room. He brought that with Ananya’s favorite dishes and insists on her eating something. Ananya didn’t want to eat anything. Amar tries to hold her arms, but she moves him back. Amar asks if Ananya doesn’t love her father, then why trouble his father so much. He promises to always keep her happy. Her father will live happily only when she is happy. Ananya tells him to leave, she isn’t interested in anything he says. Amar tells her to rethink his offer once. She must also wear the saree and jewelry he brought if her decision changes.

Curse of the Sands Friday 17th September 2021 Update Zee World: At night, Shiv comes to the roof and asks why she called him upstairs. Ananya turns the lights on, then walks to Shiv. She tells Shiv to inform Amar she has accepted his proposal and is ready to accept him. Shiv turns around. Ananya holds his hand. She asks if Shiv would be able to say this to Amar. Shiv pulls his hand away, turns to Ananya, and replies, Yes. He is in fact happy about it.

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