Curse of the Sands Friday 14th May 2021 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeMay 9, 2021

Curse of the Sands Friday 14th May 2021 Update: On Curse of the Sands Friday 14 May 2021, Mohini tells Dayimaa/Devaki that once Ranasaa/Ram sees her under Kartik poornima’s moon, he will be hers forever both my soul and body; nobody can stop her, not even god or evils. Dayimaa stands worried in the corridor the whole night. In the morning, Dadimaa informs Dayimaa that Ram promised Behramgarh’s citizens that he will perform karthik poornima’s oootja in the open ground instead of a palace, she has to change his mind.

Dayimaa stops Dadimaa and says praan jaye par vachan na jaye, Khatriya’s promise cannot be broken even by giving life, Ranasaa will fulfill his promise at any cost, Kunwar ranisaa/Siya will protect Ram. Mohini thinks her sautan cannot protect her Ranasaa.

Dayimaa orders Siya to get ready for pooja with Ram. Servants take jewelry to her room. Stepmom with her overacting says it is her jewelry, give it to them. Servants ignore her and walk to Siya’s room. Dadimaa enters and says Ram is the legal heir and stepmom is just her son Harshvardhan’s second wife. Stepmom fumes. Her son enters next and says Rani Sarojini is right, Ram is legal heir, but till when?

Jalebi praises Siya’s beauty and asks her to wear royal jewelry and clothes and get ready. Siya imagines Ram getting her ready. Ram imagines Siya getting him ready. Jaanam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duriyaan…song..plays in the background. Once Ram gets ready, he realizes maid got him ready instead of Siya and Siya feels same.

Dadima performs their aarti and ties their gathbandhan saying Ram is safe until Siya is with him and he should never untie gathbandhan knot. Mohini fumes that her Sautan cannot look good in front of Ranaaa, removes her jewelry, takes bath, and gets ready thinking she is waiting for 500 years for Ranasaaa, and tonight they will meet for sure. Dayimaa gathers her team and orders to protect Ranasaa and Kunwar Ranisaa like a shadow.

Curse of the Sands Friday 14th May 2021 Update: Ram and Siya walk towards pooja venue holding a lamp. People chant Ranasaa ki jai ho…Stepmom and her son pass first. People stop chanting. Stepmom gets angry. Ram and Siya walk next with Dadimaa and Dayimaa. People chant their names again and touch Ram’s feet. Mohini mingles among people thinking it is her good fate to touch Ranasaa’s feet, she was waiting for this moment since 500 years.


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She touches her feet but gets shocked due to gathbadhan. Dayimaa senses her presence and informs Dadimaa that her doubt was right, chudail is around here to harm Kunwarsaa, but she has made arrangements to protect him, so Dadimaa needs not to worry. Chudail taunts Dayimaa that whatever Dayimaa tries, she cannot protect Ranaa saa as she is waiting for Rana saa for 500 years and tonight she will get him at any cost. Dayimaa catches her, but she disappears and laughs from behind that she cannot catch her at all, Rana saa will see her face tonight.

Behramgarh’s people dance in front of Ram and Siya and entertain them. Mohini taunts Dayimaa from behind that she cannot stop her today from coming in front of Rana saa/Ram. Host announces Ghagra paltan’s dance. Dayimaa gets tensed and seeing a man running follows him. Mohini enters with her team and dances sensuously on Resham kaa ruimaal…song.. Dayimaa continues running behind man when a nail pricks into her foot and she falls down. Mohini comes in front of her and laughs that she cannot help even herself, how will she protect Rana saa. She continues that she is here and even dancing there, she can be everywhere. Daayimaa pulls nail from her foot and gets up. Mohini continues taunting and disappears. She kills Dayimaa’s guards. Dayimaaa runs towards Ram and Siya.

After the dance performance, Ram and Siya stand among the citizens. Mohini makes Siya slip and fall, and Gathbandhan breaks down. Dayimaa standing nearby shouts nooo. Ram rushes to Siya and asks if she is fine. Mohini laughs. She then acts and calls for help acting as goons kidnapping her. Ram leaves Siya and runs to help her. He sees a woman/Mohini captivated by masked goons who warn Ram to go away as they don’t consider bother if he is Kunwar saa. Ram fights with goons warning them that whoever respects women and protects them is king. He pulls his gun out and shoots at goon. Siya hears a gunshot wound and runs calling Ram. Goons run away and disappear. Mohini acts as hiding.

Ram asks Mohini to come out as goons have gone. Mohini comes out. Ram says he will drop her to her village. She says if she goes to her village, hungry monsters will not spare her, so if she can stay in his house. Ram says yes. She asks to rethink. He says yes. She asks will he protect her even opposing his dear ones. He says yes. She asks to rethink. Ram says he will help her whole life. She asks to promise her. He promises her. She hugs him emotionally thinking now even Ram cannot separate her from himself, her 500-year-old wait is over. Siya runs towards Ram and falls down, her sindhoor disappears. She thinks why she feels Ram is going away from her.


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