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Curse Of The Sands August Teasers 2021

The sparkling action and the enticing twist on curse of the sands keep Making sense day after day. We have provided you with the exclusive teasers of Curse of the sands for August 2021. Make sure you read to the end and don’t forget to

Sunday 1 August 2021

Episode 84.

Siya prayed to Lord Shiva to help her save RAM from Mohini’s grip. Cannot bear the results of prayer, Mohini attacks Siya. Siya who was angry slapped Mohini and questioned the existence of RAM. Then, Devki appeared with a plan to help Siya.

Monday 2 August 2021

Episode 85.

Mohini escaped his trap with the spirit of RAM. Siya cleverly saved RAM and made a futile effort to attack Mohini. Mohini once again arrived at the palace to look for RAM. RAM and Siya have an emotional reunion and the following next, make they are afraid.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Episode 86.

Five years later, RAM saved a woman and her son, who was trapped in the fire. The woman accused RAM to attack her sexually in the past. He escaped from RAM and had an accident. Ram and Siya returned to the palace with the sons of the woman.

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Episode 87.

Siya decided to prove Mann’s father to convince Devki to let him stay at the palace. Mann displays some strange abilities. The doctor made several additional tests on Mann’s blood samples and the results made him shocked. When Devki arrived to meet a doctor, he found him missing. Siya faced RAM for his behavior with Mann.

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Thursday 5 August 2021

Episode 88.

DNA reports prove RAM to become a biological father of Mann. Siya told RAM to accept Mann. Devki told Siya that RAM decided to send Mann to a boarding school.

Friday, August 6 2021

Episode 89.

Siya stopped school staff from taking Mann with them. RAM asked Siya promised to never let Mann come among them. Sage managed to get a Mann blood sample.

Saturday 7 August 2021

Episode 90.

Mann’s guards, Shanti, were the Devki acquaintance given the assignment to oversee Mann’s activities. Shanti escaped after seeing the appearance of Mann’s strength. Sage purifies blood Mann and plans to use it to defeat it. Devki ordered his recruit to kidnap Mann.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Episode 91.

Devki told Ram and Siya to bring Mann together with them to the temple. Mann refused to enter the temple for ‘Puja’. See Mann back without getting hurt from Baffles Baffles Devki. Since the first plan to kill Mann has failed, wise people decide to kill Mann in the next effort.

Monday 9 August 2021

Episode 92.

At night, Dolly entered Mann’s room and instead of killing him with poison Sage, he strangled him. Dolly died after the poison Sage entered his bloodstream. Sage and Devki plots to kill Mann with daggers who are imbued with poisons. RAM and Siya learned about the motif of Devki and rushed home to stop killing Mann.

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Episode 93.

Siya tells him that Mann will be the heir of Behramgarh. Then, he overthrew Devki from the palace. To prove that Mann is a devil child, Devki shows a royal book to RAM. However, RAM burned a royal book to hide his past impoverishment with Mohini.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Episode 94.

Mallika and Jhumri put Mann in a sack to sneak out of the palace. Siya panicked when she couldn’t find Mann at home. A woman named Gopika followed the truck when she saw Mann in it. Devki received news about Mann’s loss. To save Mann, Gopika dived into the river.

Thursday 12 August 2021

Episode 95.

Again, RAM opposed Siya’s decision. RAM calls one of the mistakes and blames him because of a dispute in his marriage life. Siya defended RAM against Gopika’s accusation. Mann said that not Siya but Gopika was her mother. The celebration of ‘Janmashtami’ began and Devki came to the palace disguised as KANSA.

Friday August 13 2021

Episode 96.

RAM and Siya learn about Devki Kidnapping Mann through CCTV footage. Mann saved Devki when he fell prey for his own trap. Gopika arrived and told Devki that she was Mohini and Mann was her child and RAM. He also tried to strangle Devki.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Episode 97.

Gopika’s real intention appeared ahead. Gopika told Mann to keep forest events the secret of everyone. The wise man reaches the forest looking for Devki. When Mallika expressed her suspicion on Gopika, Siya’s side with Gopika and decided to never have my own child.


Sunday 15 August 2021

Episode 98.

Siya apologized to Gopika for Mallika’s allegations and calming her. Gopika tells how she entered the palace using Mann. Then, Mann felt guilty when he violated the promise made for Siya.

Monday 16 August 2021

Episode 99.

Gopika vowed to disrupt the celebration of ‘ganesh chaturthi’ at the palace. To stop ganpati idol from Melting, Mann sat with him in the refrigerator. Some examples make Siya worry to Mann.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Episode 100.

Later, raw ram guilt received Mann. RAM told Siya that he would declare Mann as his heir when he proved his value. The wise arrived at the palace for ‘Visionjan Puja’ and left confused see Mann pray.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Episode 101.

When Mann fell unconscious, Gopika vowed to save him in whatever way needed. When Mallika learned that Gopika was Mohini, she told RAM about it, but she refused to trust her.

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Thursday 19 August 2021

Episode 102.

When Siya prepared for the first day of Mann’s school, Gopika tried to stop her. Siya became suspicious of Gopika. Then, Gopika vowed to turn Mann to become a Devil again.

Friday 20 August 2021

Episode 103.

Mallika incited Siya against Gopika. In class, Gopika got a problem with other students when she tried to hurt Mansi.

Saturday 21 August 2021

Episode 104.

Mallika realized that Gopika did not have the strength of Manmohini first. Mansi fell prey for the Gopika scheme changing Mann to become a devil again. RAM rushes a mansi unconscious to the hospital.

Sunday 22 August 2021

Episode 105.

Gopika tells Siya that Mann is a devil. Mann walked behind his car and was shocked by the upcoming vehicle. The accident took place in front of Siya, but Mann did not support the injury to surprise him.


Monday August 23 2021

Episode 106.

Mann Drinks Blood Mallika who is not aware. Siya rebuked Gopika for disturbing between him and Mann. Gopika plans to feed Siya’s blood to Mann.

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Episode 107.

The episode continued on Curse Of The Sands August Teasers 2021 as Gopika deliberately slapped Mann and Siya rolled him from the palace. Siya was left stunned to see the appearance of Mann’s strength. Furthermore, he got wise and Sudi who was arrested for trying to kill Mann and act under Mann’s control before Gopika.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Episode 108.

When Siya did ‘Shraddh’ Mohini, Gopika felt the effect. Dressing like Mohini, Mallika came to ‘Puja’ and RAM was forced to make confession. Then, as ordered by Gopika, Mallika jumped to her death into a ritual fire.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Episode 109.

RAM tried to talk Siya from his decision but failed. Gopika tried to release a man who was a prisoner but the wise man stopped him and Sudi locked it in a room. Then, Siya stopped wise to kill Mann and vowed to destroy the crime inside him.

Friday 27 August 2021

Episode 110.

Jhumri opened a Gopika room. Gopika condemned her to give all her strength to Mann. Sage told Siya that crime in Mann was still growing and advised him to keep him away from Mansi.

Saturday 28 August 2021

Episode 111.

Siya met wisely and told her about her decision to return to London. Jhumri met Siya and gave ‘Laddus’ given by Gopika to Mann. Meanwhile, RAM condemned himself for his actions.

Sunday 29 August 2021

Episode 112.

Gopika blamed Siya for critical conditions of RAM before Mann. Gopika made Siya unconscious and went to kill RAM, but was stopped by Mann. When Siya realized aware, he went to meet RAM in his room.

Monday 30 August 2021

Episode 113.

When Gopika returned to the palace, he decided to find a way to kill RAM immediately. Gopika mixed poisons in a glass of water Siya and then hiding under the bed to prevent caught.

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Episode 114.

Mann revealed to Siya that Gopika was Mohini. RAM testified against Mohini and made him arrested. Then, Siya became free from a curse that prevented her child.

The principal takes Mann and Gopika to the classroom and introduces them to class students, saying they both will study with them. Students laugh and ask if aunty will also study with them. The teacher says yes and walks away. Students surround Mann excitedly and say they are honored to study with the prince. Mann reminisces Siya’s words and says all are equal in school and they are all friends. Students get impressed. Gopika sees a boy sitting aside angrily and thinks this boy hates Mann and she can use him to convert Mann back to the evil child. She walks to the boy and asks what is his name. He says Bheem. She asks why he did not go to meet Mann. Bheem says he was everyone’s favorite and now Mann took his place, so he hates Mann. Gopika provokes Bheem to take revenge and she will support him.

At home, Siya eagerly waits for Mann to return from school and thinks it’s only half a day. Ram enters crawling with a milk bottle in his mouth and tries to cheer her up as a baby. Jhumri and Maya enter laughing. Ram gets embarrassed and hugs Siya. Siya also laughs out loudly.

Gopika in school thinks she needs to convert Mann back to an evil child school. She slips and falls down. All students laugh at her. The teacher enters and asks Gopika to stand up. Mann calling her maa asks her to come and sit next to him. The teacher asks Gopika why is Mann calling her mother. Gopika says she doesn’t know. The teacher warns whoever she is to Mann, she should behave in class and orders her to go and stand behind. Gopika thinks Mann is not supporting her at all and she will get him punished and get his evil side out. She provokes Bheem to bully Mann. During the lunch break, Bheem eats Mann’s lunch and tries to hit him.

Mann stops reminiscing Siya’s advice not to fight at school and stands silently. Gopika fumes seeing Mann not counterattacking. Bheem tries to hit him again when a girl holds his hand and pushes him away to dare not touch Mann. Students cheer her up. She scolds them for being a spectator and letting Bheem bully Mann. Bheem tries to hit Mann again, girl cross legs him and makes him fall. Everyone laughs at Bheem. The teacher enters and asks what is happening. The girl says they are playing and getting back to her seat warns Bheem to dare not to touch Mann again, else she will complain against him. Mann gets impressed with the girl.

At home, Siya misses Mann. Mallika says Gopika is always with Mann as if she is her real mother. Siya gets angry hearing that.

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