Can you see me Wednesday 25th May 2022 Zee World


Can you see me Wednesday 25th May 2022 Zee World:on Can you see me Wednesday 25 May 2022 Zee World.



Pihu with Gopal enters Avanti’s house silently and drops glass. Avanti wakes up from bed and looks around thinking from where did this sound come from. She walks near window to check and asks who is it. Pihu keeps Shona’s scarf in front of her. She checks and gets emotional looking at AKS written on it and thinks how did she get this cloth after 7 years, what is happening. Pihu says Gopal that Avanti aunty identified scarf, so she is Shona’s mother.

Anandita in sleep dreams of marrying Subodh and wakes up worried. She holds Subodh’s photo and cries that she misses him and does not like anything without him.

Shona searches her scarf. Pihu asks if she is searching her mother’s scarf, she kept it in her mother’s house, she can go there and stay there happily. Shona asks why did

she do that, she is orphan and does not have any mother. She snatches Pihu’s doll and throws it away. Pihu goes and complains Gopal. Gopal says Shona is angry on her mother, but she wants to meet her mother and is eager, kids can go away from mother for sometime but not for long. Pihu says Gopal says truth always.

Mohini enters Anandita’s room and seeing her sleeping thinks how to get mangalsutra from her. Once Anandita turns in sleep, Mohini steals mangalsutra and escapes.

Next morning, Anandita wakes up and smiles looking at Subodh’s pic. She goes in front of mirror to correct herself when she gets worried not seeing mangalsutra in her neck. She searches it on bed and then goes to Vikram’s room and finds it on his bed. She takes and it and creates havoc in living room. Vikram reaches and asks what happened. Anandita alleges that Vikram came to her room and tried to molest her in sleep, her mangalsutra got stuck in his hand and, and she found it on his bed. Vikram says he did not enter his room and why should he take her mangalstra. Anandita shouts if mangalsutra walked till his bed and continues yelling that she is his brother’s wife and he should be ashamed to touch her inappropriately, she will send him to jail.

Shona goes to Pihu and asks her mother’s scarf. Pihu asks why if she wants to meet her mother. Shona says she lived with her scarf till now like Pihu lived with her doll. She takes address and leaves. Pihu calls Gopal and says let us follow Shona.

Daadi pleads Anandita not to call police as Vikram loves Mohini and will marry her soon. Anandita says if they really love each other, they should perform roka tonight itself.


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