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Can you see me Wednesday 18th May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Wednesday 18 May 2022 Zee World.



Pihu gifts calcium carbonate/choona to Gopal and asks to consider it as butter. Gopal says it is wrong. Pihu asks to do something to Shona as she always shouts and is arrogant. Gopal says he made all human same, but mother moulds her children the way she likes. Pihu gets confused. On the other side, Daadi calls Mohini and asks where is she. Mohini yells she is staying among mosquitoes while Anandita must be sitting with milk glass in room. Daadi says she acted to gain Anandita and Vikram’s confidence and says she will get Anandita and make Mohini as her bahu soon. Mohini asks what is her plan. Daadi asks to wait and watch.


Anandita walks into Shona’s room. Shona shouts at her to go away and sleeps. Pihu cries that mamma has to feel sad because of Shona. Anandita sings O Meri maa….song..

Sona weeps. Pihu is surprised seeing that.
Next morning, Anandita does pooja and says she will prepare something for Daadi and all as even she is feeling hungry. Daadi says she has to fulfill all rituals of a widow bahu before having consuming anything and has to make 1000 mud lamps, if she fails she has to forget that she is bahu of this house. Anandita asks what if she finishes her task, she will be bahu of this house whole life. Daadi says she cannot go anywhere except washroom.

Anandita starts preparing lamps. Daadi thinks let her see how will she prepare 1000 lamps. Shona shouts for food and checks in kitchen. Daadi says her mamma is careless, she will prepare food for her. Shona says no need and walks to Anandita and shout she is hungry. Pihu asks Gopal why Shona is so arrogant. Gopal says she does not have what the child needs most. Pihu stands confused agian. Anandita goes to prepare food for Shona.

Shona returns and prepares lamps. Daadi steps on lamps and breaks them, but herself falls down. Anandita runs to help her and lifts her up. Pihu realizes Daadi purposefully broke lamps. Anandita continues preparing lamps till night and goes to washroom. Daadi mixes glass pieces into mud and thinks Anandita will not make last 40 lamps. Shona walks in seeing new toy and touches it and starts bleeding. Anandita rushes to her, tears her pallu and ties it on Shona worriedly.. Drama continues…


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