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Can you see me Wednesday 11th May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Wednesday 11 May 2022 Zee World.



Anandita gets conscious after evil soul gets out of her body and asks what happened to her. Vikram shouts she purposefully spoilt pooja to harm his mother. Mohini shouts if this chudail Anandita harms maaji, she will not spare her. Vikram shouts at Anandita to get out from here. Anandita goes to her room and cries. Pihu walks in and asks if she is fine, she will not evil soul get into her again. Evil soul enters Anandita and warns Puru to go back to tantrik, else she will continue troubling her mamma and make family members kick her out. Pihu says she will not go back to Tantrik and leaves. Evil soul fumes in anger.

Mohini continues brainwashing Vikram that Anandita will kill Daadi and she is not fit to be a good mother, bahu or anything, why don’t he kick her out. Vikram asks her to

stop. Anandita walks in and tells Vikram she did not know what happened to her, her mental condition is deteriorating more, she will not do anything wrong again. Vikram agrees. Mohini shouts not to believe Anandita. Vikram says if she is telling, she will follow her words. Anandita says she will feed medicine to Daadi. Vikram gives her medicine while Mohini continues yelling.

Pihu goes to Daadi’s room and asks her to forgive mamma, mamma is not bad. Anandita walks in with medicine. Pihu asks what is she doing here. Evil soul enters Anandita’s body again and she closes doors and windows. Pihu says Daadi needs fresh air. Evil soul says she will asphyxiate daadi if she does not agree to return to Tantrik. Pihu says never. Evil soul continues pushing and fighting with Anandita. Anandita then again asphyxiates daadi. Pihu pleads Gopal for help. Window opens.

Vikram sees her and pushes her away. Pihu thanks Gopal for sending Chachu. Vikram pushes Anandita on floor. Mohini says Vikram she told not to send Anandita to maaji, but he did not listen, Anandita will cry again and his heart will met again. Vikram shouts he will not melt again, she tried to kill his mother. Anandita pleads that she did not try to kill his mother. HE shouts to shut up. Mohini asks him to send her to mental assylum. Mohini asks when will he send her to mental assylum, after killing Maaji. Vikram says Anandita will go right now and asks to call mental assylum. Mohini goes to call mental assylum. Anandita pleads that she does not know what is happening with her, she does not want to kill anyone. She pleads servants to support her, but servants as usual leave. Mental assylum ambulance comes, and peons forcefully get her into ambulance and leave. Pihu thinks she will save her mamma at any cost, they did not do right by sending her mamma to mental assylum.



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