Can you see me Tuesday 17th May 2022 Zee World


Can you see me Tuesday 17th May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Tuesday 17 May 2022 Zee World.


Pihu asks Gopal to blow balloons for her and takes it to Shona. She then blasts glitter on Shona and making her wear eye mask dances with her. Shona pushes her and arrogantly asks why she is disturbing her at midnight. Pihu says it is her mamma’s marriage, Shona is also her mamma’s daughter. Shona pushes her and yells Anandita is her mamma, not mine, I will not celebrate. Pihu complains Gopal that Shona will not change. Gopal repeats Shona’s dialogue. Pihu says she will celebrate her mamma’s wedding at any cost. Gopal asks her to be careful, her mother’s wedding will not be an easy task.

Vikram sees pandit and asks Daadi why she called Pandit. Daadi says she wants him to marry, be it Anandita, her happiness is in his happiness. Vikram gets happy. Mohini fumes. Daadi asks

Pandit to find a muhurath. Pandit says after 2 days, there is an auspicious muhurath. Daadi says perfect. Mohini gets more jealous.
Pihu speaks to Subodh’s photo and congratulates him for mamma’s wedding and hopes he had attended wedding. She asks why did not they invite her for their wedding, did they forget. Sh drops photo by mistake. Anandita notices it and picks photo, she gets emotional.

Neelam packs Mohini’s bags and says Vikram and Anandita are marrying, so she should leave this house. Daadi walks in and says she will not go anywhere and tells her plan, says wait and watch until her plan is succeeded. Mohini asks to repeat. Daadi says Vikram will marry Mohini and not Anandita, she should do as she says. Mohini (like any other junior artist) does her loud overacting as usual.

Shona wakes up and finds herself in dustbin. Mohini shows torch on her and says she was living in dustbin before and now she got her into her home as she will stay here after Vikram and Anandita’s wedding. Shona asks to be specific. Mohini says if her mamma loved her, she would not have let her in hostel for so many days, Anandita loves Vikram and does not care about Shona. She wants Shona to be back in her house instead. Shona asks why she wants to help Mohini says because she helped her once, she has to do whatever she says. Shona agrees.

Gopal meets Pihu and reminds what he told her yesterday. Pihu says she does not remember, then says he told to be careful,, what does that mean, if Shona is fine, what happened to her. She pleads him for help. Pihu then goes to Anandita and says Shona is missing, looks like she is in problem. Anandita is busy selecting wedding saris. Shona comes and asks why she is crying. Anandita asks Shona/Pihu where was she since morning. Shona says she needs to talk.. Sari vendor asks to finalize sari. Anandita asks her to go to room, she will come in sometime. Shona looks at Mohini. Anandita busy saris and rushes to Shona. Shona asks her not to marry Vikram.



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