Can you see me Thursday 12th May 2022 Zee World


Can you see me Thursday 12th May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Thursday 12 May 2022 Zee World.



Mental assylum peons drag Anandita away while Pihu pleads not to take her mother away. Evil soul in Anandita asks if she is enjoying seeing her mother in trouble, returcon back to Tantrik, else she can imagine what will happen to her mother. Peons tie Anandita and give her electric shock. She shouts to leave her. Meera walks in and asks if she is enjoying, in her absense, she will take care of Vikram and Pihu, now she will die here itself. Anandita continues resisting. Pihu searches doctor and sees Mohini bribing doctor and asking to torture Anandita so much that she really loses her mental stability. Pihu pleads doctor not to torture her mamma.


Mohini returns home and thinks she will not let Anandita return home. She sees Vikram returning home and acts as crying over phone and telling she loves her daughter Pihu a lot and wants to hear her voice daily at least once. Vikram walks to her. She does more loud overacting. Vikram sys he did not know she cares for his family so much, mom was right about her. He leaves and she jumps in happiness that Vikram’s heart is melting towards her.

Pihu sees peons giving electric shock to Anandita and does magic, troubling peons. They run away. She pampers her. Tantrik does black magic on Anandita again. Pihu gets into a girl’s body and says she will expose this drama. She walks to senior dotor and ass when will he give electric shock again to this aunty. Doctor scolds junior and peons why did they give electric shock to patient. Pihu asks why they hid file. Doctor checks files. Pihu thanks Gopal for helping her.

Pihu returns to Anandita and says let us go home. Evil soul enters Anandita’s body and throws things. Junior doctor comes and tries to tie her. Evil soul pushes him away. Pihu pleads not to harm her mamma. Soul asks to return to baba, else she will not leave her mamma’s body. Pihu says she will if she leaves mamma’s body. Soul says she does not believe her and is going to tantrik for pooja, she should come there.


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