Can you see me Monday 23rd May 2022 Zee World


Can you see me Monday 23rd May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Monday 23 May 2022 Zee World.



Diya gives first-aid box to Vikram and bandage Anandita’s wounds. Vikram says if she wakes up, she will not like it. Daadi says even she can dress her wounds, but Anandita needs some love to heal which only he can give. Vikram takes first-aid box and walks to Anandita’s room. Daadi smirks. Vikram bandages Anandita’s forehead wound and emotionally says what is happening in their lives, he cannot see her in this condition and wants to take her on vacation once she gets well soon. He emotionally kisses her forehead and then lips. Someone clicks video.

Anandita wakes up after sometime and comes to living room asking if Subodh called back, where are all. Daadi and Mohini play video of Vikram kissing Anandita. Anandita angrily angrily breaks screen and shouts Vikram.. Vikram enters

and asks what happened. She warns not to touch her, how dare he is to do such a heinous act to her bhabhi. Vikram says let him explain. She continues tongue lashing and alleging him and slips. He holds her. She yells again, warns to dare not come near her and walks to her room. She locks room, picks Subodh’s photo and cries holding it. Vikram knocks door and asks to let him explain. Daadi says he is provoking Anandita more. Vikram says let him explain her once.

Daadi says let Anandita be alone for sometime. Vikram says he cannot fall in Anandita’s eyes and wants to explain her everything. Daadi says if he does not remember doc telling the more they provoke her, the more her condition will worsen. Vikram says her condition is worse either way.. Daadi pleads to let Anandita alone for sometime. Anandita continues crying that she needs Subodh, please come back soon. Daadi smirks and leaves. Pihu thinks she needs to speak to mammaa and see what happened to her. he enters room and asks why she is crying, but Anandita cannot hear her.

Daadi tells Vikram that she cannot understand who recorded video inside room. Vikram says it is none other than Mohini as she tried to create misunderstanding between him and Anandita.

Daadi warns him not to allege Mohini as she is doing all household chores and wants Vikram and Anandita united. Vikram asks who else can do then, Neelam, Sooraj, or Daadi. Police comes and says he came to arrest Vikram. Daadi asks who complained. Anandita says she complained and says he was trying to molest her when she was alone. Inspector arrests Vikram. Daadi acts not to arrest her son. Anandita asks to take him away. Vikram silently looks at her and leaves with police.

Pihu checks Shona’s orphanage file and thinks she should take Shona’s help to find her mother. Gopal says she should and gives his moral gyaan.

Mohini gets tensed seeing Vikram being arrest. Daadi says Vikram will hate Anandita because of this. Vikram is taken in police van handcuffed. Mai Phirbhi tumko chahungaa..song..plays in the background. Vikram thinks Andandita complained against him as she lost her memory, he does not have any problem with her and still loves her.


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