Can you see me Monday 16th May 2022 Zee World


Can you see me Monday 16th May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Monday 16 May 2022 Zee World.



Mohini and Bobby with their team kidnap Shona and speed in car. Pihu throws stone on Vikram and signals her. Vikram sees kidnappers kidnapping Shona/Pihu and speeds car behind them. He catches goons and trashes them brutally. Mohini and Bobby get tensed and hide. Shona also helps Vikram. Vikram rescues Shona/Pihu. Shona then thanks Pihu for helping her and promises to be a good girl from here.

Daadi with her friends kidnap Anandita by hitting her head from behind. They then hide her in a big doll and laugh that they will burn it and kill Anandita with it.

Host announces other serial’s artist’s dance performance. Artists dance on Shivay movie’s title song gracefully. Daadi and her puppet friends hide Anandita in a doll and burn it. They all laugh thinking Anandita will be burnt alive with doll. Pihu notices that and prays Gopal to save her mamma. Gopal showers rain and sets off fire.

Pihu then signals vikram that Anandita is hidden in doll. He rushes and gets her out. He shakes her and expresses his love for her, apologizes for scolding her. She wakes up. He says he will marry her as Pihu needs them both. Daadi fumes hearing that and scolds Vikram. Vikram says he will marry Anandita at any cost and will not listen to anyone. He leaves lifting Anandita.

Host announces that summer camp ended with a positive note with hero getting herione. Mohini comes out of her hideout and yells. Daadi’s friends suggest her to play last game which all MILs do, change bride during wedding, she can change Anandita with Mohini. Daadi likes her idea. Pihu thinks she will help mamma and chachu’s wedding.


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