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Can you see me Friday 13th May 2022 Zee World: on Can you see me Friday 13 May 2022 Zee World.


Anandita prays Gopal that she always prayed him, but her daughter is not with her, she will not light lamp in front of him again. Pihu hears that and says Gopal is with us, he always helps. Anandita says today is mother’s day and she always celebrated it with Pihu, until she sees her daughter, she will not have food or water. Pihu tells Gopal she will fulfill her mamma’s wish and lights lamp. Anandita notices. On the other side, Mohini brainwashes Vikram that his mother’s life is in danger because of insane Anandita. She continues her drama and asks Bobby to pack her bags, she cannot stay here seeing insane Anandita trying to ill Daadi. Vikram leaves. Bobby taunts Mohini he did not even listen to her, forget he will marry her. Mohini says he has to listen to his mother at least. Vikram

walks to daadi and says he is leniant with Anandita as she is a mother like his mother, but he will not forgive Anandita. Daadi imagines Vikram and Anandita’s wedding.


Gopal enjoys butter from a pot. Pihu snatches it and asks why he is not helping her. He asks to return pot as his mother gifted it. Pihu says today they gift it to mother and not take it from her. She pleads him to let her mamma see her today. Gopal blesses her. She runs calling mamma. Mohini hears her voice and panics. Pihu sees herself in mirror and gets happy. She runs towards Anandita who hugs and pampers her emotionally. Gopal tells Pihu one time finishes, she has to go in front of mirror, else she will go invisible forever. Pihu agrees.

Mohini panics seeing Pihu/Shona, rushes to Bobby and says Shona escaped from hostel and came here. Bobby says Shona is in hostel and hit a student. Mohini says let us go and check. They peep into Anandita’s room and relax seeing Pihu/Shona not there. Pihu brings food for Anandita and thinks she will spend quality 5 hours with her mother. She feeds Anandita from her hands. Anandita pampers her.

Mohini returns to kitchen and sees kitchen items shattered, asks Bobby if he came there. He says no. She panics that she told Shona has returned from hostel. They see Pihu, run behind her, catch her and try to trap her in a bag. Pihu reminisces Gopal’s words to see herself in a mirror before time finishes. Anandita rushes to rescue Pihu. Their tussle starts. Pihu sees herself in a water and disappears. Vikram returns and asks why they are standing like this. Pihu runs and hugging Gopal thanks him for letting her celebrate birthday. Mohini tells Bobby that they will sell Pihu crossing border.


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