Brothers But Enemies Episode 5

Brothers But Enemies Episode 5

Brothers But Enemies Episode 5

Kenneth and Peter were sitting on a backchair in front of the house when Kenneth’s father drove in.
Kenneth quickly rushed to his car.
(Welcome daddy, Kenneth greeted his father).
How was work today?
It was fine, replied his Father.
Kenneth hugged his father and helped him carry his briefcase.
Kenneth’s father saw Peter.
He started asking Kenneth, who is the person sitting down there?
He is My friend, keneth answered.
He looks disturbed, Kenneth father said.
He is wearing an awful face as if he has been crying for a very long time.
I hope there is no problem?
His parents sent him out of the house, Kenneth said. They asked him never to come back again.
(Kenneth’s father was very Annoyed)
Why did they send him out?
Did he fight his parents?
What on earth will make them send him out, knowing that he is still a student.
How do they want him to survive?
Please call him for me Kenneth’s father told him.
Kenneth called Peter’s attention.
(Good evening sir, peter greeted Kenneth’s father)
How are you my son?
Am fine sir, peter replied.
Kenneth told me that your parents sent you out.
Yes sir, replied peter.
What did you do?
(Peter started shedding tears)
I didn’t do anything sir.
Just that I fought with my younger brother.
He was the cause of the problem.
I wawashing my clothes and parents clothe, while my younger brother was busy playing games on his mobile phone.
I was almost through with the laundry, when he went inside to bring all his dirty clothes for me to wash them.
I asked him if he was going to wash clothes, he said no, that our mother told me to wash with.
In annoyance, I landed him a dirty slap.
In reaction to the slap, he punched me on the face which made me pounce on him with full force.
Our mother arrived the scene, instead of separating and flogging both of us, she started flogging me all over my body.
She blamed me for not washing my younger brothers clothes.
When my father came back she narrated a different thing altogether to him, she told my father that I insulted her.
In our house, I do all the house chores alone, they do treat me like a slave all the time.

I wonder if they are really my parents.
As if that is not enough, my father started flogging me again.
He threw all my personal belongings outside, and asked me to leave the house and never to return again.
I apologized to him, telling him I won’t do it again, but he insisted that I should leave.
Am sorry my dear, Kenneth’s father cuts-in.
Don’t worry you are going to stay here with us, but tomorrow am going to meet your parents to know why they asked you to leave.

Not too long, Kenneth’s mother also came back, and his husband narrated the whole thing to him.

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