Brothers But Enemies Episode 4

Brothers But Enemies Episode 4

Brothers But Enemies Episode 4

On his way going to where people are residing, he nearly fainted, because he has no strength to walk.
So, he was lying by the road side when one of his friend named Kenneth saw him.
Why are you lying down here Kenneth asked Peter.
My parents sent me out of the house, replied peter.
I even slept in an uncompleted building which is at that road that leads to the Uhu farmland.
I have not eaten anything since yesterday, I have been crying all along.
Kenneth, I don’t have anywhere to go.
You are my last hope now.
(Kenneth thought for a while )
You can come with me peter.
I will talk to my parents about it.
I can’t allow you to die of hunger here when we have food in our house.
I remember those days when I use to come to your house to eat food, when we had nothing to eat.
Let’s go, Kenneth told Peter.
Kenneth helped Peter by supporting him on his shoulder.
They walk passed the village square, and headed straight to Kenneth’s house.
When they reached Kenneth’s house, Kenneth went inside and brought out the remaining rice which they ate in the morning.
Peter was rushing the food like a hungry dog.

When he finished eating the food, Kenneth gave him water to drink.
Thank you very much, Peter told Kenneth.
I don’t know what I would have done this period without you.

Relax yourself Peter, Kenneth told him.
Also, Make sure you have enough rest, I’m going to talk to my parents about your current condition.
I will convince them to allow you stay with us.
Once they agree, then we go and get all your personal belongings here.
You will start going to school from here.
(Peter started shedding tears)……
I can’t believe that this is happening to me!
Please Kenneth, tell me that this is a dream.
Calm down Peter, everything is gonna be alright..(as Kenneth’s consoles him)
Just believe in God, he is going to vindicate you.
All this suffering’s will become a story one day.

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