Brothers But Enemies Episode 1

Brothers But Enemies Episode 1

Brothers But Enemies Episode 1

It was still raining when Peter was coming back from the market and also at the same time Caleb was also coming back from the farm, and the both greeted each other in a welcomed manner.
Their mother also came back from the village meeting not too long before the two brothers came back.
Peter is the senior to Caleb, and they both loved each other until one day. Their father was a very educated man but people wonder if at all he went to school because he was always behaving like an illiterate in things concerning the state.
He will always flog Peter and leave Caleb whenever they engage in a misdemeanor together.
Peter began to sense that his father loves Caleb more than him.
Their father Never made it too open until one day when Caleb and his elder brother Peter were fighting, he started flogging Peter without trying to unleash the same anger on Caleb.
Peter became very angry started questioning his father why he was doing such, his father never said anything rather he was wearing an awful face.
Peter reported the issue to his mother when she came back, but the mother started supporting Caleb.
That night Peter couldn’t sleep, he was rolling from one end of his bed to the other, many things were going on in his mind.
he was thinking, and he was saying it out.
” could it be that these are not my parents”?
Does it mean that they are not my parents?
All these things were going on in his mind, and he was praying to God to turn the situation around for him.
The next morning Peter woke up very early and started doing the house chores as usual, Caleb was still lying on the bed as he has always done in the past.
There was a voice from the backyard, Peter! Peter!! Where are you?
I am here mama replied peter.
The mother started shouting!
why is it that you are very lazy I’ve told you to wake up by 5:00 am so that you can finish all the house chores before going anywhere, why is it that you are very lazy if you know you want to stay in this house with me you must make sure you perform your duties very well otherwise you’re not going to find it very easy with me.
Peter started pleading with his mother.
Am sorry mama.
I promise, it won’t happen again.

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