Bridal Material update Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World
Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World

Bridal Material update Wednesday 22nd June 2022:Bright captures Meera and takes her to a godown, ties her and sets fire around her idiom this is Lakshman rekha and it’s not possible for anyone to cross it to save her. Meera yells Vivan will save her. Vivan enters. Radiant sets fireo on his way. He crosses fire and arrives at Meera and saves her. Radiant locks them and leaves. Vivan tears entryway open. Radiant says he won’t allow their affection to win and tosses gas chamber in. Chamber impacts. Meera and Vivan yell.

Meera’s family rush seriously harmed Meera and Vivan to clinic. Cart and Amar smolder on the off chance that Sunny is found, they will kill him. Radiant strolls in masked as medical caretaker before them, they don’t recognize him by any means. Cart goes to sanctuary to appeal to God for Meera and Vivan’s life. A seer woman says there is just dim in front and Dolly will get back to her looking for help.

Bridal Material update Wednesday 22nd June 2022: Specialist treat Vivan and Meera. Meera is blindfolded because of her eye wounds. Vivan goes into trance like state. Meera awakens yelling Vivaan… .and requests to take her to Vian. Radiant strolls into Vivan’s room and eliminates his breathing apparatus. Vivan wheezes for air. Meera strolls in blindfolded and look through Vivan. Radiant mirrors her quietly. Meera discovers Vivan and faculties him not relaxing. She yells and calls specialists. Specialists enter and seeing Vivan pulseless. They give him defibrillator shocks and attempt to revive him. He relaxes…

Precap: Doctor asks who probably done this. Meera says a rakshas whom she needs to end and requests to open her visually impaired overlay. Whenever blindfold is opened, she should why they have turned off lighs, she can’t see.


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