Bridal Material update Sunday 19th June 2022

Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World
Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World

Bridal Material update Sunday 19th June 2022: Meera peeps by means of entryway and sees Sunny conversing with somebody. Vivan hangs tight for Meera on couch and nods off. Radiant tells his helper not presently, esle Meera will question. He then sees Meera and thinks Meera herself is getting into his snare. Meera rushes to Vivan’s room and sees him sound snoozing on couch. A heartfelt tune plays behind the scenes. Meera thinks she is doing this to dispose of a major issue.

Next morning, Meera plans breakfast for Vivan. Vivan strolls in. She requests that he fail to remember what occurred and have a solid breakfast and feeds him parantha and lassi. He takes care of her back. Jyun aata hai… song..plays behind the scenes. They feed one another. Radiant enters and makes proper acquaintance bhabhi. Meera escapes her creative mind and acknowledges she was dreaming.

Radiant strolls to her and inquires as to whether she was getting ready breakfast for bhaiya, for what reason don’t she plan breakfast for him likewise and compels her. Vivan strolls towards tichen. Radiant sees that and changes tone and she didn’t explain why she came to his room the previous evening and leaves grinning. Vivan strolls in and irately grasps blade. His hand drains. Meera thinks not to misread her. He indignantly tosses blade and leaves. Meera thinks anything it works out, she will apply vivan’s named sindhoor. She applies Vivan’s blood on her temple. Radiant watches remaining close to window.

Bridal Material update Sunday 19th June 2022: Meera leaves and her internal soul asks what is she doing, Vivan will pass on. She says she is battling for Vivan. Internal soul says her battle will kill Vivan, for what reason don’t she tell truth to him. Meera says Sunny has laid a major snare, she can’t tell Vivan. Inward soul says Vivan is kicking the bucket every second and is becoming upset. Meera says no and leaves house. Cart stops her and asks where is she going. Meera says she will tell her later and leaves. Radiant snaps her pic, calls somebody and says they need to prepone their arrangement.

Bridal Material update Sunday 19th June 2022: Vivan gets Meera’s video where Snny lets Meera know that he is going distraught behind her, let us stop here itself. Sweety takes his versatile and watches video, she goes about as stunned and calls family. Cart and Amar watch video. Vivan breaks telephone. Sweety says for that reason Meera is acting unusual. Meera returns. Amar and Dolly affirm her that she let Sunny stay here and pardoned him as she has succumbed to him. Meera says it isn’t her. Amar says it is her. Vivan thinks Meera needs to give a test.

Precap: Vivan requests that Meera go through a verify her virginity…


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