Bridal Material update Monday 20th June 2022

Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World
Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World

Bridal Material update Monday 20th June 2022: Vivan furiously takes a gander at Sunny. Bright gets out whatever he can do on the off chance that Vivan’s better half is keen on him, even Bhabhi has her own cravings and necessities, botches occur by human. Vivan indignantly wastes Sunny. Meera stops him. Vivan indignantly passes on to his room. Meera enters. He inquires as to why she came now, she would have been with Sunny itself. Their contention proceeds. Vivan furiously leaves. Cart cries her girl needs to bear to such an extent. Amar stands quietly watching show

Bridal Material update Monday 20th June 2022: Bright sits in home nursery appreciating foods grown from the ground for Vivan’s response. Vivan enters. Their contention begins. Radiant incites him to control his significant other than beating him. Vivan junks him Vamily meddles. Sweety inquires as to whether Vivan can’t keep Meera glad that she is taking Sunny’s assistance. Vivan keeps destroying Sunny. Radiant inquires as to for what reason don’t he clear his uncertainty by getting his significant other tried, clinical science will offer him a response to his inquiry.

Vivan strolls to Meera and begins his contention, gives her papers. She asks what is this. He says she needs to go through virginity verify herself. Meera contends and disagrees. Their contention proceeds.

Precap Sunny sets fire around Meera and says let us check whether her Ram will save her. Meer says Vivan will save her at any expense. Vivan arrives at there. Bright impact gas chamber and says he will end their romantic tale.


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