Bridal Material Tuesday 31st May 2022 | Zee World

Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World
Bridal Material Saturday 21st May 2022  Zee World

Bridal Material Tuesday 31st May 2022 On Zee World: On Bridal Material Tuesday 31 May 2022, Meera reaches terrace of old building and shouts at kidnapper to come in front and stop hiding like a rat. Vivan in police station tries to open door. Constable warns to be in until inspector comes. Vivan runs out via window. Vivan runs on road. Meera in old building asks kidnapper to call his boss. Kidnapper reveals he is the boss and he already has separated her and Vivan, killed Pammi, and poisoned Amaya.

Meera says they are still together and asks what the hell he wants. Kidnapper says they are together maybe, but he will separate them by brainwashing Vivan that he and Meera are together in this plan and they together killed Vivan’s mother and tried to kill his sister, etc… Vivan enters and hears everything. Meera sees Vivan and says thank you for confessing his crime in front of Vivan. Vivan angrily trashes kidnapper. Inspector Brar with his team reaches and stops Vivan. Meera tries to calm down Vivan. Kidnapper pulls gun from Brar and shoots at Vivan. Meera comes in front and bears bullet. Inspector takes away kidnapper. Vivan is shocked seeing Meera’s condition and asks why did she do this. Meera says she got what she wanted and he got what he wanted. Vivan cries he wants her.. He shouts to call ambulance.

Dolly with Sweety nervously waits for Meera and Vivan’s news. Inspector Brar calls her and informs that Meera is shot and is rushed to hospital. She shatters and drops phone.

Bridal Material Tuesday 31st May 2022: Vivan rushes Meera to hospital. Doctor takes her into ICU and informs Vivan that she needs to perform Meera’s surgery and needs sign on consent form, who is he. Vivan reminisces angirly telling Meera is not his wife, he says he is Meera’s husband. Amar enters and stops and says he is nothing for Meera, he never believed Meera and believed a stranger, what kind of a spineless man he is with no brain of his own. He continues tongue lashing Vivan and tells nurse that he is Meera’s father and signs consent form. Meera’s surgery starts and doctor removes bullet. She comes out and says Meera has lost a lot of blood and only prayers can help her.

Vivan runs to dargah and prays. Bharde Jholi…song…plays in the background. Amar goes to Gurdwara and prays. Vivan asks religious person to pray for his wife. Religious person says he has to walk on burning coal if he wants his prayers to be listened. Vivan walks in burning coal, prays, and then runs back towards hospital.

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