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Bridal Material Monday 25th April 2022
Bridal Material Monday 25th April 2022

Bridal Material Monday 25th April 2022: On Bridal Material Monday 25 April 2022, Vivan confronts Sumer’s friends to be in their limits. Sumer apologizes. Laali walks in greeting everyone. Biji asks why did she come at this time. Silky walks in and apologizes Sumer for not informing family about his and his friend’s high tea party. She greets Sumer’s friends and they like her. Laali starts her drama and asks Meera how was her kabbadi match and shows her dirty clothes. Sumer’s friends asks Kabbaddi… Sumer feels embarrassed. Dolly handles situation and sends Meera to change. Laali enjoys drama and arranges biscuits on table, telling Silky Vivan is also here, he will be impressed with our style. Meera changes her clothes and thinks her clothes were fine, why should need a change. Dolly asks her to not make any mistake, what is this high tea. Meera asks her to bring big mud cups and says she knows what high tea means, reminiscing Vivan teaching her.

Vivan reminisces entering Soni Kudi Academy’s room, searching Meera and not finding her. He realizes window was open and thinks Meera would have escaped via window, did she realize he was following her.

Sumer and his friends eagerly wait for Meera’s high tea. Friends taunt if they came here for dinner or high tea. Dolly asks them to relax as Meera is coming. Sweety asks why they are so particular about high tea, it is a normal tea. Meera brings tea in big mud cups and says here their high tea is, they will not get bigger glasses than these. Sumer’s friends taunt Sumer more. Sumer and his mom fume in anger. Meera serves them tea and drops glass on Sumer and apologizes. Sumer angrily says that is enough, they will go now. Sumer’s friend says let us try bhabhi’s tea at least, sips tea and spits it and says it is tea shake with thick milk and sugar. Sumer shouts that is enough and says let us go from here. Dolly apologizes Sumer’s mother and asks if Meera did any mistake. Mom shouts not even an illiterate serves high tea like this, good they found what Meera is before marriage.

Amaya walks to Vivan and asks if he forgot his sister. Vivan says how can he forget her. She says let us go down, Meera is serving high tea to Sumer’s friends. Vivan reminisces misguiding Meera and realizes she was talking about high tea because of this and runs down to stop Meera. Sumer’s mother continues insulting at Meera and her mother. Silky walks in with high tea and biscuits, reminiscing Laali arranging it for her and asking her to take it out when she says. Laali joins her and says she knew Meera would spoil their party, so she asked Silky to prepare high tea for them.

Silky looks at Vivan, trying to impress him. Laali asks everyone to sit and Silky serves them tea/coffee. Meera thinks she make fool of herself and her family because of Vivan. Silky asks Vivan to have some tea. He says he is not in a mood.

Bridal Material Monday 25th April 2022: Silky serves high tea to Sumer’s friends. Friends praise her and asks if she had been to London. Silky says born and bought up in Hoshiarpur. Friends taunt Meera does not know anything and Silky is well cultured. Laali says Silky has learnt high society culture. Sumer says let us leave now. Sumer’s mother starts insulting Meera and Dolly again and says good Silky handled situation well, else they would have been embarrassed in front of Sumer’s friends. She warns to teach culture to Meera before marriage, else if she tries, then it will not be good for Meera. She continues blasting and leaves. Dolly and Sweety think if Biji was here, she would have handled situation well. Biji returns and asks what happened now, can’t they handled situation without her. Sweety says they tried calling her mobile, but it is at home. She tells whole story happened. Biji fumes that she will not spare Laali now.

Sumer insults Meera next and yells Silky handled situation, else she would have spoilt everything, who serves tea in mud cup and that too full mug. Laali smirks seeing this and starts praising Silky and insulting Meera as usual. Biji interferes, handles Dolly and says Sumer his mother is waiting and he should go. Sumer leaves.

Meera sees Dolly crying and tries to calm her down. Dolly shouts not to speak to her. Meera says this is all because of Vivan. She walks to Vivan’s room and sees him enjoying coffee. She confronts him that he fooled her by filling mud cup and telling this is high tea, because of him, she and her family are embarrassed. Vivan ignores her and continues sipping coffee. Meera pours water in mug and says now enjoy high coffee. He says he does not mind. She says she is fuming and he is so calm. Vivan pours water on her head and their nok jhok starts. He pins her down on bed and shuts her mouth. Meera leaves fuming.

Bridal Material Monday 25th April 2022: Dolly continues crying. Amar tries to calm her down and says it is not Meera’s mistake. Dolly says Meera does not know anything, but Silky does. Amar says Silky is studying in Soni Kudi Academy. Dolly walks into Meera’s room and after a long argument asks Meera to join Soni Kudi Academy. Meera reminisces challenging academy owner that she will rather die than joining her academy. She says she will not. Dolly says she does not have a choice.

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