Begusarai March Teasers 2021

This is the official Begusarai March Teasers 2021 on zee world.

Thursday March 11 2021

Episode 1.

A new show: The very strong Thakur family believes that violence and weapons speak harder than words. Begusarai is a land where every penny is fought by bloodshed and massacre.

Friday March 12 2021

Episode 2.

Phulan forced Lakhan to apologize to the woman she dikedikan. Priyom somehow convinced Lakhan to allow Poonam to attend college. The younger brother, Rajkumar’s request for a famous dancer named Bindiya, appeared on his birthday.

Saturday March 13 2021

Episode 3.

Poonam feels the college will allow him to have his own identity, but his first day may prove to do the opposite. Bindiya woke up to his prisoner who offered a proposition that he planned to fully utilize.

Sunday March 14 2021

Episode 4.

Bindiya has caused enough stirring with the Thakur and Priyom families who felt he would steal his heart. Will his brother let this feed? Things became complicated for Poonam when more Thakur families began to appear in college.

Monday March 15 2021

Episode 5.

This is a birthday celebration of Rajkumar, but what happens at night there is nothing that can be celebrated. Phulan made a decision that did not match his family. Meanwhile, after the Bindiya party had a surprise visit …

Tuesday March 16 2021

Episode 6.

Priyom was annoyed at Mithilesh’s actions with Bindiya and he was not the only one. Lakhan did something that caught Poonam carelessly and he felt the need to talk to Priyom about it, without knowing what Priyom had done.

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Wednesday March 17 2021

Episode 7.

Rekha plans to have Lakhan and Poonam married one month from now. Sayra Bano told Bindiya to leave Begusarai. After experiencing the comfort of the Thakur family, Will Bindiya really gave up and left?

Thursday March 18 2021

Episode 8.

Bindiya said still haunted Poonam and it caused him to tell Lakhan about it. Lakhan really lost himself when anger ate it. Sayra Bano said the time to choose the heir Phulan had come, the question was whether it would happen?

Friday March 19 2021

Episode 9.

Lakhan finally sentenced Puonam for the insults he faced. Bindiya’s plan failed and he finally lost all the money he made at Thakur’s house so far. Rekha and Lakhan compiled a plan to take over Begusarai.

Saturday 20 March 2021

Episode 10.

Rekha was left stunned and afraid when Jujeta walked towards him with ax. Lakhan told Bindiya that if he saw it after his marriage, he would not hesitate to shoot him. Will this threat trigger war between Lakhan and Mithilesh?

Sunday March 21 2021

Episode 11.

Return Phulan and right before he could intervene, Sayra Bano told him only the future leader Begusarai could stop the war. Lakhan and Mithilesh both are preparing to eliminate each other.

Monday March 22 2021

Episode 12.

Priyom told Poonam how he managed to get rid of Bindiya and stop the war. Priyom tells Bindiya to go and never return. Poonam stood on Lakhan. Bindiya joined the troops with Chuna Yadav. Can they both take Thakurs?

Tuesday March 23 2021

Episode 13.

Bindaya arranged a full attack on the Thakur family but before that he managed to isolate Priyom and Mithilesh from the whole family. Will Phulan and his family live to see another day?

Wednesday March 24 2021

Episode 14.

Manjeeta finally put Lakhan in his place. Poonam decided to do something he had never done before. Bindiya turned her attention to Priyom after she heard Phulan and her mother talking about how Priyom was the next ruler. In

Thursday March 25 2021

Episode 15.

Bindiya focused his attention to Poonam, because he was under the impression that Poonam made Priyom fall for him. Bindiya releases the snake to Thakur’s house.

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Friday March 26 2021

Episode 16.

Priyom saw someone from his past and he was determined to find it. Bindiya tells Ghungroo about his plan. Priyom helped Poonam out of his comfortable zone.

Saturday March 27 2021

Episode 17.

Lakhan walked in and found that his mother tried to repair a marriage proposal for him. It became clear that the priyom of an unknown woman was very desperate to find more than fulfilling the eyes.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Episode 18.

The episode continued on Begusarai March Teasers 2021 as Mithilesh went to Lakhan to try and reason with him. Poonam slapped Priyom after seeing him holding Shravani. Najma told Poonam that his friendship with Priyom had turned into love. Can Najma really have Poonam fall for Priyom?

Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 19.

Priyom returned from Patna, a little he knew about the surprise from his grandmother who was waiting for him. Lakhan clarified that he was no longer related to Priyom. Bindiya implements his plan to trap Priyom.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Episode 20.

Lakhan promised to destroy and damage his uncle and throughout the beginning. Poonam fought Sayra Bano and offered Priyom food. Lakhan sent a message to everyone in Begusarai who planned to marry Poonam.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 21.

Priyom paid Lakhan visits, unfortunately things didn’t go according to plan. Phulan explained to Lakhan after his actions, he would never marry Poonam. Phulan made a decision that surprised everyone. What is this decision?

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