Baahubali: The Beginning


In the kingdom of Mahishmati, Shivudu falls in love with a young warrior woman. While trying to woo her, he learns about the conflict-ridden past of his family and his true legacy.

Genre:  Epic, Adventure, Romance, Drama.


The Indian epic film two parts are finally here after almost 3 years. Trailers, at a glance from a magnificent set and interesting star players are just a few reasons why most of the film buffs have been looking forward to this film. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s the most expensive film in India in the history of the cinema!

The film hero, Shiva (Prabhas), was smuggled out of his kingdom as a baby to save his life. After being raised by tribes who did not know anything about him, Shiva did not realize the background of his kingdom. However, when he grew up, his rock climbing skills and extraordinary strength made everyone amazed and amazed. The first half of this film is more like a character introduction and opening each other’s stories in bits and pieces. Shiva, “falls because” Avanthika (Tamannah) finally managed to fulfill his childhood dream of climbing on an extraordinary rocky mountain, while chasing his dream girl. Avanthika is a passionate part of rebel groups living in hiding places, doing everything necessary to free their queen imprisoned in Mahishmati. Enter King Mahishmati, Bhallala Deva (Rana). It’s just that you know, the intrines scene is about flexing the muscles and taking a bull with horns! It’s the second part of the film where all real actions and flashback explanations are located.

Hat to the VFX team! Magnificent is the right word to describe the Kingdom of Mahishmati, while waterfall shots and CGI landscapes are more often than not taking a breath. Agree that sometimes everything seems to falsify and make the audience laugh, what is commendable is bringing fantasy land with perfect detail. While the battle between the main actors, Prabhas and Rana, it seems that it can be predicted to be large, interesting bends introduced by directors not to lose your attention.

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