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Anupama On Starlife Friday 1st July 2022 Updated: Vanraj yells at Anu to ponder her family and youngsters and how she can help them with her twofold compensation. Anu inquires as to whether she ought to sell her soul for cash. He says she ought to assuming that its advantages her family and house. She says a mother can sell her heart yet can’t sell her parenthood, a mother recollects countenances of the understudies who were trapped in fire; Sweety’s face prevents her from tolerating school the executives’ structure, its an issue of many lives and mother doesn’t work with youngsters’ lives, be it her or other’s kids; in the event that she had not tossed out gas chamber, her as well as entire school would have impacted. He says why she is stressed for whatever not occurred, school the board committed an error and will be cautious from hereon. Baa says individuals will change and their propensities. Anu says in this country without discipline, neither individuals nor propensities transform; she reminds Vanraj that he observed safety belt guideline solely after being fined; riding a bicycle without protective cap, spitting paan/betel leaves in broad daylight place, and so on, don’t change without discipline. Baa says there is a contrast between spitting paan and running a school.

Anupama On Starlife Friday 1st July 2022 Updated:  Anu expresses out loud anything it is, off-base is off-base. Vanraj yells to stop her talk and give him the papers. Anu tears them. Bapuji says she did well, understudies won’t be protected or stroll on a correct way where a school commits errors and attempts to conceal them, Anu is doing well and he is with her. Mamaji and Kinjal says even they are with her. Vanraj inquires as to for what reason don’t they comprehend that its a conflict against framework and school the executives can go as far as possible; he is addressing individuals who are blindfolded by Anupama’s significance. He cautions Vanraj that he will let happen just what he needs. She cautions that she will do nothing off-base and won’t allow anybody to foul up. He challenges that he won’t allow her to do anything she desires, he has a gathering with school legal administrators and assuming she alters her perspective in the span of 24 hours, its fine or, in all likelihood she shouldn’t fault for anything he will do.

After at some point, Anu lets Samar know that his dad can do anything; she has just 24 hours to demonstrate that school the executives are to blame and not her. He asks her for what reason she is so strained. She says for Sweety as school the board will oust her from school in the event that she doesn’t acknowledge their request or on the other hand on the off chance that she signs, she will be kidded consistently, she doesn’t need any of that happen to her girl. He says for that she needs to demonstrate that she is guiltless without marking papers. She asks how. He says assuming that her understudies were available, they can become proof against school administrator; she can call guardians and regardless of whether 3-4 guardians concur, she will be demonstrated honest. She concurs. He goes to call guardians.

Pakhi illuminates Toshu and Baa that all news channels are showing that Anupama is liable for school fire mishap and she is intellectually upset since a couple of days. Toshu frenzies and says he will be disparaged at school. Pakhi says he is in senior administration, she will harassed by everybody in school. Baa says this time bahu is basically dead on. Pakhi expresses in light of mummy’s self-centeredness, she will endure. Bapuji lets Mamaji know that everybody are made a fuss over themselves, Anupama considers others and family is thinking others’ thought process. Mamaji asks him not to stress as Anu is supporting truth and whoever upholds truth won’t lose.

Anupama with Samar and Nandini meets understudy’s folks and solicitations them to allow Yash just to talk truth before everybody to effectively defend Anu. Guardians say their child Yash told how she saved all understudies from fire disaster. Samar says Yash needs to advise that to school legal administrators. Guardians say they can’t as school has cautioned them against it or probably Yash will be ousted from school, Anu knows that it is so challenging to get a seat in great schools and may need to pay lakhs in gift, Anu can grasp their concern as a parent. Anu says she is battling for the kids. They leave saying they are not incredible like her. Nandini vapor that these sort of individuals simply need an adjustment of brain and not in genuine. Samar says they are so egotistical. Anu says they are guardians and pondering their kid. Samar asks what will they do as everybody denied to help them. Anu says Kanhaji is with them and they needn’t bother with anybody’s help. Nandini says they can’t see some exit plan. Anu says even she wasn’t discovering a way, however when she took Kanhaji’s name, she saw a window and sent understudies through it; her dad used to say that when they trust themselves, hello can accomplish anything. Samar gets a call and illuminates Anu that there is a school legal administrator and administrator’s gathering and even she is welcomed.

Kavya incites Vanraj saying she can hardly imagine how Anu needs to demolish Pakhi’s entire year to fulfill her inner self. Vanraj says he won’t allow her to do anything she desires generally, he will address the board and do whatever is great for Pakhi’s future. She requests that he focus on the upcoming meeting as she most likely is aware organization’s HR by and by and she is certain all that will be okay. They escape vehicle when columnists encompass them and inquires as to whether his better half is separating from him and assuming he claimed that his significant other is insane and she is the justification behind school fire mishap. Vanraj says they don’t have right to scrutinize his own life. Journalist says these inquiries are connected with school mishap moreover. Vanraj says like he said before, until examination is finished and truth is out report, no remarks and they ought to return home. Correspondent inquires as to whether concurs that his significant other is deranged. Vanraj yells at them to quiet down and get lost.

Around evening time, Samar looking through telephone charger lets Bapuji know that all guardians denied to help mummy, however mummy is battling for understudies. Bapuji asks what is he looking. Samar says telephone charger. Bapuji expresses its in attachment itself and expresses now and again in strain they can’t see things before them, so they need to quiet down and keep their brain cool. Anu hearing that thinks Bapuji is correct, as Samar couldn’t see charger before her, even arrangement is before her and she can’t see it. She shuts her eyes and recalls fire mishap occurrence. Next morning, Anu prepares to leave for school. Kinjal proposes her not to tranquilly take strain and answer the executives. Baa shouts that she will destroy her little girl’s future. Bapuji says he will go with her. She says she can’t as she can’t endure anybody offending him, his and Baa’s endowments are with her generally. Baa says not her endowments this time. Samar says they are all with her. Bapuji inquires as to whether she addressed head. Anu says she called her, yet she didn’t pick call. She takes Bapuji’s gifts, and he asks that she wins. Baa hollers she ought to get clean conscience. Samar wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Vanraj stops his vehicle and says even he is going with her. Baa says great he came. Vanraj says as she said they are still guardians and he is going for his girl. Samar says he will drop mummy to school. Anu requests that he stay at home and leaves with Vanraj. Baa shouts she doens’t understand what will occur there and she is extremely strained. Samar thinks he isn’t stressed over mummy as she will deal with everything well, except he is stressed over Pakhi as understudies will menace her.

Anupama On Starlife Friday 1st July 2022 Updated: In school, understudies insult Pakhi that her mom’s news is in news papers, she is so scandalous now for her psychological issue, they showed she is a superwoman when she saved understudies, however presently they figured out what she is, school will expell her for her mom’s error, and so on. One more arrangement of understudies give her card to provider it to Anu for saving their lives and commendation Anu. Pakhi asks what do they mean. They depict entire fire mishap occurrence and how Anu saved them, they say she is extremely fortunate to have a mother like Anu. Pakhi stands befuddled and sees her folks entering school. Vanraj requests that Anu reconsider prior to entering school premise whether she needs truth or her girl’s future. School chime rings, and Pakhi hurries to class. Vanraj proceeds with that his parent’s tranquility will be gone in light of her demonstration, they should meander in court due to her, Pakhi might hurt herself and she shouldn’t lose her girl attempting to save understudies, she is committing a major error attempting to commit school the executives understand their error. Anu meets head who recommends her again to acknowledge fault on herself. Vanraj demands to end this wreck for Pakhi.

Precap: School the board affirm Anu that because of her psychological issue and lack of regard, fire mishap occurred in school. Anu says its school administrator’s mix-up and not hers. The board inquires as to whether she has confirmation to demonstrate that. She says truth doesn’t have confirmation generally, yet this time it has.


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