An Unusual tale Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Wednesday 8th August 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update: On An Unusual tale Wednesday 8 September 2021, The Episode starts with Vikram talking to Shobha about kids. Sarika recalls Nani’s words and eyes Vikram. Shobha thinks Vikram has a special bond with kids, they have innocent love and without any name, why do people think we have an affair. She gets Ketan’s call and asks her to sign docs for divorce formalities. She says I will come. Vikram gets Mahesh’s call and goes to talk. He asks the kids to play. Sarika looks at the kids. She signs a goon to hit Jia by the car, and she hides. She then goes to save Jia. Vikram asks Reyaan where is Jia. He sees Jia on the road and a car coming towards her. Sarika saves Jia and Vikram shouts Jia.

Shobha signs the divorce papers recalling Samarth’s words. Wo rishte bhi ajeeb the………………plays…………….. She thinks of her marriage with Samarth, the happy times, bad times, and finally their divorce. Ketan says now there is nothing between you and Samarth. Sharda calls Shobha and tells about Jia’s accident. Shobha says she was with Vikram. Sharda asks her to come home.

Vikram talks to the doctor and tells Shobha that Jia is fine. Shobha calls him irresponsible and scolds him. Vikram says I got an imp call from the office. She says you know my kids are important for me, was your phone call more imp than Jia’s life. He says even Jia is imp for me. She says I should have not trusted you and cries. She meets Jia. Jia says she has some pain, but she will be fine. Shobha says I m so proud of you. Jia says Bua got hurt, she saved me. Shobha thanks Sarika. She asks how did this happen. Jia tells her everything, how Sarika saved her from the speeding car. Vikram looks on.

Jia says Bua is amazing. Shobha says I agree. Sarika says anyone would have done this, she is a little girl, if Vikram saw her, he would have done this too. Shobha says it’s my mistake I trusted him, I love you, Jia. It’s night, Nani asks Vikram to have dinner. Vikram says I m not hungry. He says I m protective of Jia, and Shobha scolded me, I feel she has gone mad. Nani says she is mum, what if she told anything, don’t feel bad. He says you always take her side. He leaves. Nani thinks everything was going fine, I thought he will propose Shobha, but now this speed breaker.

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Its the morning, Vikram comes to meet Shobha. Sarika opens the door and talks to him. He asks how are Jia and Shobha. She says Jia is fine, and Shobha is upset and angry. He says it’s not her mistake, Jia is my best friend and family, thanks for saving her. He leaves. Sarika says I became great in one day, you are thanking me, see what happens next, you and Shobha’s relation has to face many problems. Shobha comes to meet Nani and gives a file. Nani says Vikram treats Jia as his daughter, he made a mistake, but if Samarth did this, you would have forgiven him, so forgive Vikram too, he has right on the kids too. She says he will get far from kids if you behave so.

An Unusual tale Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update: Shobha says I was afraid and fought with him, I was angry, I will not keep him away from kids, I know he loves them. Nani says I can understand, thanks, Lord. Nani says he is becoming Santa at Christmas. Shobha says I will apologize to him, and leaves. Garima talks to Vinita. She wishes Sanjay was mature. Vinita thinks she won’t tolerate the child to come and Garima to get more attention. She says this is the first year of marriage and it’s important, don’t break relation for child. Garima says what should I do, how to explain Sanjay.

Vinita asks her to think about what’s imp for her, child or Sanjay, he is not ready to become a father now, you can’t give him responsible by force, don’t do anything that you regret later, be careful. Garima thinks. Vikram thinks about Shobha. Nani says Shobha was behaving normally, don’t feel bad about her words, she said she will apologize to you. She asks him to forgive Shobha, and become Santa, and give a love gift to Shobha. Vikram gets ready as Santa. Ajeeb dastaan……………plays……………….

Nani calls Shobha and says Vikram is coming there as Santa. Shobha tells this to her kids. Jia asks is this real Santa, I think it will be Vikram, he will look cute. Shobha thinks kids are excited about Vikram, it’s not good to separate them. Guzar gaya to kal gaya……………….plays…………..Vikram wears the Santa cap. Music plays…………..He says is it that Nani was guessing that Shobha loves me, what if it’s wrong, I always scold her, if she scolded me today, what’s the difference … it’s fine. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………………plays………………..

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