An Unusual tale Thursday 9th September 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Thursday 9th August 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Thursday 9th September 2021 Update: On An Unusual tale Thursday 9 September 2021, Sarika telling the police and lawyer to give all the property of Abhay to Anil. Anil is shocked. Sarika asks him to reside with them if he is in the city. Anil says no and goes out. Anil tells the police that Sarika has killed his brother. The inspector says get some proof, we can’t doubt her. The lawyer says Sarika is a great woman, she is not interested in her husband’s money and asked me to give all property to you. Anil says I know she killed Abhay. Sarika comes to her room and says she is smarter than Anil, and she knows Abhay did not have any property and Anil was just fooling her, I have to be alert and two steps ahead. She acts like crying seeing Sharda and Shobha come.

Shobha says I m so happy and proud of you as you named the property to Anil, only a selfless and good person can do this. Sarika says what will I do with property, we can’t take anything ahead in life other than love. Sharda says don’t get sad, we will celebrate Christmas. The doorbell rings and Shobha says Santa. They rush to see him.

Vikram comes as Santa and the kids make their wishes. Nani says you won’t get gifts easily, first sing jingle bells. They all sing along and he gifts them. Shobha smiles and asks him to come. Vikram says I m not Sir, but Santa. She asks him to forget what happened, she is a single mum, and is overprotective, I overreacted. Vikram asks what did she say. She says I m sorry. He smiles and thinks about Nani’s words. He says I will forgive you if you let me spend time with kids. She says yes, sure. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………………..plays……………. He goes ahead to hug Shobha and says Merry Christmas. Sarika comes there and looks at them.

An Unusual tale Thursday 9th September 2021 Update: Vikram says he got a gift for you and gives Shobha. Sarika reminds him he used to get gifts for her every Christmas. Jia asks did they study in school together. Shobha says he is Santa, he gifts everyone. Shobha sees the windchime and likes it. Sarika recalls Vikram gifting her windchime. Sarika called him cheap and scolded her. Sarika thinks he gifted the same thing to Shobha. Shobha says it’s very positive as you, thanks. Vikram says I knew you will like it, some people don’t value it. Shobha says gifts are invaluable, the people who rate the gift, should not be given any gift. Sarika asks Vikram her gift.

He gives her a box. She thanks her and opens it to see it’s nothing inside. She says it’s empty. He says there is nothing that can make you happy. Shobha asks them to come. She asks Sarika what did he give her. Sarika shows the empty box. Shobha says maybe he forgot to pack. Sarika says he never forgets anything, I have his wishes in this. She smiles and shows she took it positively. Nani and Sharda cut the cake. Nani asks Sarika to have cake. Sarika says I have to maintain a figure and does not eat. Nani says but has the marriage cake of Vikram and Shobha. Sarika gets angry.

Vikram smiles seeing Shobha. Sarika sees them and gets worried. She hits the lamp and it falls near Shobha. Vikram worries for Shobha and fixes the lamp back together. Sarika thinks Vikram has changed so much, he can’t see me even if I stand infront of him. Nani asks Vikram what happened. Vikram says Shobha has forgiven me. Nani says she likes you and trusts you. Vikram says I don’t know. Nani says Shobha did not realize her feelings, but she trusts you like family, you propose to her soon. She tells him what to do, sings a filmi song, plays guitar, gets background dancers, and proposes to her. He laughs.

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He says if I do as you are saying, Shobha will run. He rehearses with Nani, and she says you look like a doctor giving hope. He says I will manage with Shobha. She gives him some tips and asks is he nervous, why are you going to the kitchen instead room. He leaves. Nani prays for him. Sarika dreams that she is getting arrested for killing Abhay and says Anil is lying. She tells in sleep that she did not kill him, leave me. Shobha comes to her and asks is she ok. She asks what was she saying, she did not kill Abhay, etc. Sarika says I m still in trauma, I still dream that I m telling in court that I did not save Abhay, and police arresting me and getting bad dreams. Shobha says don’t blame yourself, what can we do now, don’t cry, try to sleep. Shobha leaves. Sarika gets tensed.

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