An Unusual tale Thursday 19th August 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Thursday 19th August 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Thursday 19th August 2021 Update: On An Unusual tale Thursday 19 August 2021, The Episode starts with Ajay and Garima’s engagement going on. Garima forwards her hand to mum Sharda’s insistence and shows it wounded. Shobha asks what happened. Garima says she got hurt. Ajay understands Garima’s plan. Shobha gives this idea to Garima. She tells about DDLJ’s idea to not make her right finger available. Ajay says he gets hurt seeing her finger cut, and asks her to show it to him.

Shobha says why open the bandage now, it can catch the infection. Riddhima asks how can he ask her to open the bandage. Ajay shows his worry and insists. Shobha says it can ache her more. Sharda asks Garima to show him. Garima opens her bandage and shows her finger cut. Shobha is shocked. Sharda says it’s deep cut. Shobha says she will take her to the doctor. Ajay says he will make her wear a ring on any other finger.

Sharda says no, it’s a bad sign. Ajay says no, I will make her wear it. They all clap for them. Shobha wishes Saurabh agrees to Sanjay today. Sanjay tells Saurabh that he will jump and do suicide. Vikram holds Sanjay holding the rope. Saurabh asks him to stop. Sanjay says make me married to Garima. Sanjay says he is joking. Ketan asks Saurabh to agree. Saurabh says Sanjay will not jump, he knows him, he did not even jump in swimming poll. Ketan asks him to see Sanjay’s pain as Garima is getting engaged to Ajay. Ketan says Vikram is coming here, what will you do when Sanjay dies. Vikram asks Sanjay to count down.

Sanjay starts counting. Saurabh says stop, I will do as you say, I promise. I will make you marry Garima. Sanjay says yes. Saurabh says come down. Vikram takes him back. Ketan says you saved your brother’s life. Vikram hugs Sanjay. Vikram brings Sanjay down. Saurabh says sorry for scolding him that day and he is happy to get his friend and brother today. Vikram asks who will explain your wife now. Saurabh thinks being worried. Riddhimi tells Ajay that he should have not made Garima open her bandage. Ajay says he will take care of Garima. Sharda says Samarth and Tarun were not here. Ajay blames Vikram for this.

Shobha asks Garima how can she cut her finger. Garima says she can do anything for Sanjay, and she knew Ajay will check her finger cut. She says she is her inspiration, Samarth did not deserve you, I pray you get someone who love you, like you love others. Shobha asks what is she saying. Garima says she has the full right to get true love. Shobha says she has kids and her. Garima says a romantic one. She cares for her hand. She says come out, everyone is waiting. They smile. Saurabh says he will tell Vinita and will tell everyone. Ketan and Vikram joke on her and all women, who are witches.

Shobha calls Vikram and tells him about engagement. Vikram says Saurabh will get punished by Vinita, then he will tell her. He says she said love should be given second chance, the second half can be the better half, he will use this. She smiles. Saurabh is nervous and sweats before meeting Vinita. Sanjay says you are so scared of your wife. He says you are a Bengali tiger. Saurabh recalls Vikram’s words to be brave and rings the bell. Vinita opens door and asks why is he ringing bell so much, is she deaf. Saurabh says he has to talk to her. She says I know, I made chicken. He says great, but something else. She asks why is he nervous as if he came to propose marriage again.

He says he can’t see Sanjay like this, without Garima, like I love you, and I think we should get them married. He says they love each other a lot, I don’t feel we should come in between, we should support them, even we had done love marriage. She says it’s not about love, we were insulted and Samarth is….Saurabh says I know everything, this decision can affect all of us, but if Sanjay does not get Garima, even then his life will be ruined, he said he will not marry anyone else and we brothers will get apart, can you live with this guilt, think being in Garima’s place, you married me when everyone was against me, and see how happy you are.

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He asks is ready. She says they both are adamant, she does not have any objection. Saurabh asks what did she say, how can this be possible. She scolds him, and says let me go to kitchen, else I will make you eat burnt food. Saurabh hugs Sanjay and says good, I got a formula for running my marriage, thanks. Shobha thinks if she finds some way to free Samarth, then maybe he will say yes to Garima and Sanjay’s marriage, I m sure he still loves Garima. She says he is in jail since months, so he is reacting this way, he just wants to come out, even I was in bad state being in jail for two days, maybe I would have reacted same way.

She gets Vikram’s call. He says congrats. Saurabh and Vinita will come to talk to you all now. She says they have come and requests him to come. He says you know how mum reacts to seeing me. She says yes, come as Sanjay’s family. He says fine, don’t say thanks. She says fine, please come. She ends the call. Vikram tells Ketan that Saurabh and Vinita agreed and thanks him, and Saurabh will go to Garima’s house. Ketan says Garima’s mum is like a villain. Nani hears them. Vikram says Saurabh said there is already big drama, and don’t talk about Samarth, he can’t be called Garima’s brother, this marriage was not possible without you, if you were here, I would have kissed you, come at home, let’s have fun. Nani is irked.

An Unusual tale Thursday 19th August 2021 Update: Vinita asks Sharda to agree to this marriage. Vikram comes there and Sharda Mummy ji gets angry. She says Garima’s engagement is done, and marriage is fixed. She gives them marriage card and says don’t get Sanjay, and he can’t see it, he will curse the moment when he said no. Shobha says Garima wants this. Sharda says but Samarth does not want this and leaves. Ketan comes home to meet Vikram. Nani says she wants to talk to him. Ketan asks what. Nani gives him cufflinks, and says it’s shogun, as they are good friends and are like couple, she would have got bangles for bahu, so got cufflinks for him. Ketan asks what is she saying.

Nani says Sharda told me that Vikram likes guys, but I agreed seeing you both. Ketan says what, we are like brothers, how can you think this, we were talking about Sanjay and Garima. Nani says Vikram looks changed, I thought you are the reason for this. Ketan says yes, he is changing and being like before, he has accepted it, and I m just supporting him. Nani says I feel he will be far from that bad girl and come out of his past. She says he will be happy. Ketan says its because of Shobha, they have a relation of support and respect, he got a new and good friend. Nani says she respects Vikram and takes his advice. Ketan says don’t tell him, it’s our secret. Nani says maybe Lord has sent her to make my Vikram like before.

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