An Unusual tale Friday 20th August 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Friday 20th August 2021 Update

An Unusual tale Friday 20th August 2021 Update: On An Unusual tale Friday 20 August 2021, Sharda Mummyji telling Samarth everything that Shobha and Vikram did by bringing Saurabh and Vinita with Sanjay’s proposal. Samarth says he will be out soon, Ajay has got a new lawyer, I will be out till marriage day. She asks why the new lawyer. He says Ketan is Vikram’s friend, so he is not doing his best.

Vikram asks the plan to keep Garima and Sanjay’s marriage before the fixed date with Ajay. Garima says mum will blame Shobha. Nani says everything will be fine. Nani gives the cufflink as a shogun to Sanjay and gives the ring made for her bahu to Garima. Sanjay makes Garima wear it, and everyone claps for them. Shobha thanks Vikram, and he signs no thanks. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………..plays…………

Ajay does shopping with Riddhima for his marriage. He goes to try a sherwani. His friend Neil meets him. Ajay says he is marrying Garima. Neil says sorry, I heard something else, that she fixed her marriage with Sanjay. Ajay gets angry and holds his collar. Neil says Sanjay and I have common friends, they are going to do marriage today, so leave this shopping, show this anger to someone else. He leaves. Nani meets Sharda and they both argue. She says she will do Vikram’s marriage soon. Sharda invites them to Garima’s marriage and asks them to do an item number on the baby doll song. Nani says she does not know what’s happening in her home, the marriage will not happen. She says Shobha knows everything and taunts her. She says Ajay will run in two days. Sharda says he loves Garima a lot, he will keep her very happy. Sharda leaves.

Ajay is on the way and thinks about Garima. He says Garima can’t be someone else, she will be mine. He says if she is not mine, then she can’t be of Sanjay’s, see what I do, she has to marry me at any cost. He comes to meet Sharda. She asks how did he come at this time. He says he was doing arrangements and wanted to meet Garima. Sharda says she regards it bad luck to meet one day before marriage. He insists. She says she will take Shobha out and he can take her to Garima. He thanks her. Sharda asks Shobha to come for shopping. Shobha says we will go in the evening. Sharda says the shop will be closed, come. Sharda asks the maid to go to the general store and get the puja items.

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Shobha leaves with Sharda. Ajay smiles and goes to meet Garima. Garima smiles seeing the ring which Sanjay made her wear. Ajay comes in and abuses her. He says he has done all ways to marry her, but today what he does with her, then no one will marry her. He says he wanted to marry her, he loved her, but she has never accepted his love. Sharda says she wants to go to another shop. Shobha says she will go home. Sharda thinks Ajay will take more time to convince Garima that he loves her. Garima pushes Ajay and asks is he mad, why is acting like an animal. Ajay says he will become an animal now. Garima locks him and calls Shobha, while she is talking to Vikram. Vikram asks Shobha to come fast, as Sanjay is ready. Ajay comes and Garima runs. Shobha takes her call and is worried hearing Garima crying. Sharda asks Shobha to come.

An Unusual tale Friday 20th August 2021 Update: Shobha asks Garima to talk to her and runs. She does not get the auto. Ajay catches Garima and hurts her. Shobha asks the auto driver for his phone to call the police. He says the call by your phone. She says I can’t cut this call. He says I don’t have balance. Shobha asks him to stop and gives him money. She comes home and beats Ajay. She pushes him away from Garima. She asks how dare he touch her, and kicks him out of her home. Sharda comes and is shocked to see this.

Garima cries and hugs Shobha. Sharda looks on shocked. Shobha says I m sorry, I should have not left you alone at home. Vikram calls Saurabh and says he got the items that Pandit Ji said. Shobha comes crying to him and says we have to make Sanjay and Garima right now. He says it’s in the evening. She says we have to let them marry now, call Sanjay. He says fine, I will call him. She says marriage will be at my home, mum will not stop us, we can’t take the risk to take Garima out, get Sanjay there fast. Vikram is puzzled and calls Saurabh, and gives Shobha’s message. Sharda comes to Garima and finds her crying and scared.

Garima asks her not to hold her. She says you always said Ajay is a good guy, will love me, and keep me happy. Sharda realizes her mistake and says I just want to hug you once. Garima says this happened because of you, you wanted me to marry Ajay. Sharda cries and says I m sorry. Garima says you just listen to Samarth, you don’t care about my feelings. She says I was so stressed and felt to die. Sharda says no. Shobha comes to them and asks Garima to handle it. Garima says how she got all marks on her body, he is an animal, I can never forget this, what did I say, I did not want to marry the wrong guy. Shobha says it was his mistake, you are not a victim, you are a fighter, a survivor. Garima says I can’t handle this, I can’t forget this. She cries and leaves. She asks Sharda what should they do now. Sharda cries.

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