Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22 September 2020 Update

Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22 September 2020 Update
Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22nd September 2020 Update

Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22nd September 2020 Update: On Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22 September 2020 Update, Sahil hurries outside as he gets the clue that this is Vaidika’s piece of cloth. Nidhi hears Sahil’s footsteps and hides the girl in another room. She was alert why Sahil was looking for the girl and wonders why is Sahil finding her.
Sahil reaches a bus stand and thinks this girl has a connection with Vaidika for sure, he wonders where he must find her.
Sahil reaches a temple around and asks for help about how to find Vaidika. He thinks he wants to find Vaidika, still he got an empty paper as help. A paper fly to Sahil with an address on it, Sahil recognizes this is an address of the same city. If Vaidika has sent this. He was determined not to spare the person who has hurt her. He runs across the streets looking for the address and stops to pant. Vaidika’s shadow comes to smile at him. He was left staring at her face when at once he realizes where he was. He was five minutes away from the location.

Vaidika was in the lockup. She was shocked to see Nidhi pointing a gun towards her. Nidhi says Vaidika is left with only a few breaths of life. She begins to count down from 50. Vaidika understands Nidhi was there behind Panday and questions why she did this, she claimed to be in love with Sahil then why she betrayed him. Nidhi confesses she had done a lot worse than this. Vaidika’s life is going to end soon, she must only think positive right now. She tells Vaidika to only think about Sahil and wish they are age fellows in their next lives.
Sahil runs towards the location.

The episode continued on Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22 September 2020 Update as Nidhi tells Vaidika their love story can’t be true in this life, she must lose her life right now. It’s for the sake of her love and Sahil.
Sahil asked some people around for the address.
Nidhi points the gun and fires the bullet.
Sahil enters the lock-up, it was the same address that GPS showed. There was no one inside. Sahil was broken and sits on the stool kissing the cloth piece.

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At Agarwal house, Nani instructed the decorators on a call. It was after all her daughter’s marriage. Nani calls Aarya to bring a paper pen and note down the dishes. Suomya comes cheerfully about Vaidika’s marriage. Aarya confirms Vaidika if she is sure to marry Sahil. The imposter replies this is for Sahil’s better future. She was lost in the thought of being fed up to pose sweet. Yash comes there and wishes jewellery set to Vaidika. Chambeli was left in awe, Nani was excited to see the set and says Vaidika doesn’t wear such heavy jewellery. She drags the set. Chambeli daydreams about insulting Nani and pushing her away but soon returns from her thoughts and allows Nani to keep the set. Yash tells Vaidika to get ready by 4 pm.
Gauri comes to her. Chambeli tells Gauri she clarified to Sahil she doesn’t love her. She makes Gauri rest on the couch while she leaves. Gauri was upset about where Sahil has been, he must be heartbroken watching Vaidika as Yash’s bride.

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Sahil reaches a Dargah. There, Vaidika reaches the entrance of Dargah. Inside, Sahil was sure Vaidika was somewhere around and prays to meet her. Vaidika covers her head and hides her face. Panday had also reached the Dargah. Nidhi calls Panday and curses him for letting Vaidika flee. Nidhi says Panday must finish Vaidika as soon as possible, and she wants to see the dead body this time. She has to make a marriage happen in Agarwal house and can’t stay. Vaidika sits in the corner of Dargah, panting. Panday points a gun towards her.

This is the end of Age Is Just A Number Tuesday 22 September 2020 Update.

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