Age is Just A Number October Teasers 2020

Age is Just A Number October Teasers 2020

This is the official Age is Just A Number October Teasers 2020 on zee world.

Sahil and Vedika get married and reunite despite Bhumi’s tantrums.  Sahil leaves the Agarwal mansion when he finds out about Bimla’s evil deeds. Read Age is Just a Number September Teasers 2020 below:

Zee World Age is Just a Number September Teasers 2020

Tuesday 1 September  2020 

Episode 98

Vedika tells Bhumi that the only option is to get a bone marrow from Ved’s real sibling which would mean Vedika will have to conceive a child with Sahil. Hearing this, Bhumi loses her cool and tries to slit her wrist. Deepak plans to get proof of Gauri having an extramarital affair so that he can have her humiliated.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Episode 99

Sahil justifies and convinces Vedika to marry him in the temple. Bhumi requests Vedhika to tell Sahil that she wants to spend one night with him before he consummates his marriage with Vedhika.

Thursday 3 September 2020

Episode 100

Sahil and Vedhika spend romantic moments together. Puneesh helps Deepak’s quest to destroy the Agarwal family. They start with planning to murder Gauri and hire the assassins. When Bhumi insults Vedika again, Sahil tells her he is divorcing Vedika.

Friday 4 September 2020

Episode 101

Sahil and Vedika’s marriage is exposed by a cunning Puneesh, who produces their fake marriage certificate. He gives the certificate to the Mukti Morcha NGO’s women, who accuse Sahil of bigamy. Deepak is handed over to the police. Gauri leaves home to settle down in London. The Agarwal family prepares for Diwali celebrations.


Saturday 5 September 2020 

Episode 102

Finding a pen drive in a bag of chocolates, Sahil decides to check the data in it. It contains Bimla’s confession to murder and exchanging babies in the hospital, leaving everyone shocked. Puneesh is happy to see Sahil forcefully taking Ved from Bhumi and leaving the house with Ved, Arya, Vedika and Manjula.

Sunday 6 September  2020  

Episode 103

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Sahil proposes a new beginning to Vedika with a ‘mangalsutra’ and vermilion powder. Ved insists to light the firecracker using a candle, seeing which Bhumi gets scared, as it’s the bomb planted by Puneesh. Bhumi picks up the firecracker and throws it away, saving Ved.

Monday 7 September  2020 

Episode 104

Sahil saves Vedika from a speeding vehicle that tries to kill her. When Sahil asks Bhoomi to sign the divorce papers, she asks for his property, money and business in return. Vedika sings a song, proclaiming her love for Sahil. Maya nominates Sahil and Vedika for a radio game show, ‘Love Express’, and Sahil is very excited at the invitation.

Tuesday 8 September  2020 

Episode 105

Puneesh arranges for an accident. RJ Raj requests Vedika to express her love on the show, but she refuses. Bhumi and Sahil meets with an accident leaving them badly injured. Sahil saves Bhumi and slides out of the car only to slide downhill.

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Episode 106

At the accident site, the police only find Sahil’s slipper. They tell Vedika that it’s impossible for Sahil to be alive after falling into the crevice.  Vedika spends the night in the cell and remembers Sahil’s motivating words. Vedika’s fellow inmate tries to kill the baby in Vedika’s womb.

Thursday 10 September 2020


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