Adventure Of The Greedy Old Man Episode 3

Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 3
Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 3

Adventure Of The Greedy Old Man Episode 3

Adventure of the greedy old man Episode 3

(A meeting of all the members of the Ewulu family was summoned to hold in the ancestral home of Ewulu).

(Suprisingly Mr Peter queued in) Our great ancestral father a Ewulu we are your children now assembled in your home so be with us in all our deliberations.
(The king knowing the reason for the meeting soliloquizes).Why do people envy and allow wickedness to govern them? they breath in and breathe out wickedness trying to allow their evil thoughts to provoke Ewulu our ancestor.

I have not spoken against anybody said Mr Peter in a angry tone.
I have not mentioned any name.
So don’t personify my address to our great warrior ancestors, Ewulu.
We should all respect and honour him. So if you incur the anger of the gods and our ancestors you will have yourself to blame.

It’s alright said AKabike.
Let everybody keep quiet and listen. We have a reason for Gathering here please my brothers let us not leave the substance only to pursue the shadow let us try and be reasonable enough we are mature men and should not behave like youths.
There is a saying that when goats eat yams The Young Ones watch the mouth.what do we old men bequeath to our future Generation when we have in like manner before our children? from now on I need everybody’s attention.

let Mr Benson tell us the reason why we have summoned to meet.
(Mr Benson stands smiling).
We are a very big family so whenever we meet, we should exercise some diverse behaviour and so on. That’s a Food for Thought.
However we all know that we are Ewulus children and we have certain things in common although our fathers shared a Ewulus piece of land, there are that we are not shared.

We own those ones in common, although it is usually the oldest man in Ewulu’s family that controls them as he perform certain rights to the ancestors there.
we are aware that it is the tradition and that ever before the oldest man among the family should take up the responsibility they are starting right he must personally perform. It is obligatory on him we know the rules and processes that must be followed.
so my brothers so much as we should avoid sentiments in our deliberations we must allow Justice and tradition to prevail. The truth is that since the death of the King’s father many years ago his son(the king) has been enjoying all the benefits from a Ewulus sacred pieces of land without performing the ceremonies that precede his having the rights.
( There was uproar of laughter everywhere followed by murmuring).
Mr Benson claps hand to quieten the place.

The king has gone step forward to allocate this area which was a Ewulus home or compound to his second son Samuel to build his residential house.
(He points his right hand to a structure).

See the structure his son is already putting up there, so my brother’s you should deliberate on this issue.
(Dike the son of Mr Kenneth raised up his hand and got up while there were thundering voices here and there.

It took several minutes before everywhere became calm again.)
First of all I must thank our elders who summoned us all to this meeting. It shows that we have got up-right men in our midst who in spite of All Odds, want to protect and safeguard our lives. There are some actions that could involve the wrath of our gods and ancestor’s if not guarded against. There are some actions that could bring death and exterminate our family’s. So we must be very careful when we carry out certain actions and policies.

We shouldn’t take things for granted for the Dead can never come back to life and correct any mistakes. I must condemn the action of our oldest brother, and uncle the King for failing to perform an obligatory function before stepping his feet into our sacred land. I must also blamed and condemn his action of given our sacred land to his son Samuel to build his residential home.
(There were shout of of abomination, sacrilege and disrespect echoing everywhere).

Adventure Of The Greedy Old ManĀ 

(AKabike Stands and claps for several seconds to quieten the gathering).
Its alright my good brothers, let’s progress and decide on what to do.
The king got up angrily.
I have seen that there is no respect in our family, as people talk to their elders without regard.
I am older than all of you and I know when your fathers married your mothers.

In fact, I accompanied most of your fathers to their in-laws to marry or pay your mother’s Dowries. So I see no reason why I should be insulted in the public.
I cannot continue with your disrespectful elements while I have things to do in my house I must leave now. Benjamin, Samuel and Udoka, follow me.
(So, they all left).


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