Adventure Of The Greedy Old Man Episode 2

Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 2
Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 2


Adventure of The greedy old nan Episode 2

(Samuel cuts down shrubs in the sacred land of the extended family as AKabike comes back from his farm).

AKabike was watching Samuel cutting down trees and shrubs with all alacrity.
Will you people farm here this year? Asked AKabike.
We are not proposing to farm Here.
Rather I will erect a building here replied Samuel .
What type of building will you erect here? Is it a hall or what, asked AKabike.

Samuel told him that he is not erecting a hall rather a residential building.
AKabike was surprised and asked him who wants to erect the building.
Samuel told him that he is the one intenting to erect the buliding.
AKabike was perplexed, (who authorized you to do so? Does your father know about it?.
Samuel said yes.
(Akabike interrogates again) are you sure you are trying to build here with the kings consent?.
Samuel made AKabike to understand that he was clearing the plot of land with the kings consent.
(Infact it was allocated to me by my father himself).
AKabike started shouting!!!!
Are u sire the king is okay? Maybe he must be out of his mind.
How can he allocate a sacred ground to you as place to build your residential building.
I know that he is the king of Alanta, and a custodian of the law too.
But that doesn’t give him the right to allocate a place, which was reserved fro the worship of the gods to you.
It is totally unacceptable, and cannot be allowed by the Tallites.

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In all this Samuel never said anything, he was just washing AKabike spit fire while excersing his anger towards the situation at hand.
He asked Samuel to go back to his father so that he can be given a comfortable place.
This place is going to be very hot for you said AKabike.

As AKabike was trying to leave the scene with his anger mood, Mr Peter showed up.
Akabike looks at Mr Peter in soliloquies.
You look moody, is anything wrong? Asked Mr Peter.
Nothing is wrong my Friend just that, just that some people are trying to encroach in my land with their selfishness and greediness at obinagu year after year.

Adventure Of The Greedy Old Man 

Look at Samuel here! he is clearing shrubs and cutting down trees to build a house in our ancestral home. Can u imagine that said AKabike.
You don’t mean what you are saying said Mr Peter. Are u realistic or are u joking to pull my legs?.
How can I be joking while I’m pointing the action in progress said AKabike. you can verify from Samuel what he is doing, why he is doing it and who granted him the order to do so.
That piece of land does not belong to his father’s family exclusively. It is the sacred land connecting all the songs of Ewulu.
So the king has not right to allocate the piece of land to his son, he has no right to do so.
Are you aware that the king did not perform the necessary custom expected of him before assuming the responsibility of overseeing all the sacred pieces of land? Asked Mr Peter.
You know it is mandatory that every oldest man must perform certain customary rights and rituals before assuming the right of looking after our sacred lands.
I know it is mandatory said AKabike.
But wait, wait! Didn’t he perform the customary rites?.

Are you a foreigner in your Homeland? asked Mr Peter.
The king didn’t perform any customer the right he has been enjoying the right performed by his father when it was the late father’s right to assume the responsibility of overseeing our sacred pieces of land. You know that after the death of his father one calendar year Must Pass before any other person should take over you should also know that anybody who should take over must perform the customary rights. Luckily enough it was only say who should take over after a year had elapsed. But he continued to enjoy the benefits without performing the compulsory right.

If that is the case,  king cannot take us for a ride said AKabike.
He must be compelled to perform all this necessary rites. Samuels activity was disrupted by AKabike and Mr peter.

He left the farm land and started heading towards home.


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