Adventure Of The Greedy Old Man Episode 1

Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 1
Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 1


Adventure of The greedy old man Episode 1

( king invites 3 of his  sons to his hurt where he was warming himself near the fireplace).

King: (showing them some chairs). All of you should sit and listen to me attentively. And others he has it that when a bird flies without perching, the hunter shoots it without me. I am no longer a young man. I am aging. So, I want to see that you people have where to settle down as your future homes. I was the only Son of My Father and Inherited his house.
But I have three of you as my sons. Nobody knows what could happen tomorrow.
So it’s good that things are spelled out.

Benjamin: (sitting and carrying his chins his palms looks on suspiciously)
Daddy since I was born you have never spoken such things to me.
Am I wrong to believe that you are Schematizing something.
The king:(smiles) I expected this question from you because I know that I have clever kids.

Listen !my father, when he was alive, told me that Family plan where to farm next year so that living and dead members that time could be there.

(The burst into laughter).
Benjamin: daddy I can now correct the impression I had.
king: Thank you so much.
so as I was saying , it is better to Hasten why the sun shines so according to our tradition the person in any family in here is the Father’s house.
In this case this house and this compound belongs to yo, Benjamin.
Its your birthright. Udoka as the youngest should inherit the portion of your mother’s kitchen.
He waits for a short time before calling Samuel.
He told Samuel that he’s going to inherit the piece of land near Abalikes gate.
Go there and build whenever you are ready, said the king.
Daddy isn’t that a sacred place said Samuel?
How can I build on a piece of land that was an abode for our ancestors?
Are you sure that members of our big family who jointly own the land can allow me to build a residential house there?

Adventure of The greedy old man 

king releases a deep sigh.
That’s not a problem. I am the oldest man in our big family called the Tallites, and I am also the oldest man in Alanta.
At worst I can use my veto power to overrule any opposition.
I have the symbol of authority said the King I can do whatever I want to do without anybody questioning my authority.
Afterall, tradition was established by man and not man for tradition.
Tradition can be changed at any time if it is not serving the purpose for which it was meant for, said the King.


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