A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday 14th January 2020 On Starlife

A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday 14th January 2020 On Starlife
A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday 14th January 2020 On Starlife

A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday 14th  January 2020 On Starlife.

A Perfect Lie Update 14 Tuesday January 2020 On Starlife  

The Episode starts with Shaurya hugging Dev. Sakshi and Rajnath come and are glad to see him. Rajnath hugs him while Dev touches their feet. Rajnath says you said you will come after six months. Dev says he came for some work of ACWP. He says its in Kolkata so I came to give the surprise. Sakshi asks did you inform Suchitra.

He says no, where is she. Sakshi says she is in her room, go to meet her. Dev goes to meet his mum. Dev comes to Suchitra and hears her talking on phone about the welfare of children at her school. She senses Dev and smiles. She says a poem and he continues. She gets really happy seeing him.

She says will you surprise me like this. He touches her feet. She blesses him and hugs him. She asks will you stay with me, for many days did you come, did you eat or not. She pulls his
cheeks. She says till when will you stay here.

He says I will answer everything, add my name in your school kids list. She laughs. Shaurya asks Rajnath why do you look worried seeing Dev. Sakshi asks Raj to answer Shaurya. Rajnath says I don’t have any risk, but you have Shaurya. Shaurya asks what do you mean.

Sakshi says its obvious, the world regards Nitya dead, but we know about her accident, but now Dev has come and he will find out about Nitya, what happened to her, where is she now. Rajnath says if he tried to find out, I think we should tell Dev that Nitya is dead, the matter will be shut.

Sakshi says we will tell him, but do you think after knowing this, he will be quiet. Shaurya says if he wants court details then…….. Sakshi says calm down, don’t forget you were proved innocent, you are not the culprit. Dayal and Durga come there. Dayal says sorry, did we come on wrong time.

Rajnath welcomes them. Shaurya says you guys here, is everything ok. Raj says if he came for your proposal, then Sakshi won’t leave us. Dayal and Durga talk to them about Babjee missing, no one knows where he went. Durga says I m sacred did anyone do anything to him.

Sakshi thinks how she has killed Babjee. Rajnath says we will know about them soon. Durga says I feel we won’t get him ever now. I m afraid. Sakshi says maybe, Babjee was depressed, his operation was not successful and he did not get his daughter, so maybe he went far. Maybe we won’t see him again.

Raj thinks so they came here to talk about Babjee, not marriage proposal. Dayal says I thought about your proposal. Sakshi asks what. Dayal says about Shaurya and Durga’s marriage. Sakshi is shocked and looks at Raj.

Dayal asks don’t you know this, did Rajnath not tell you, I thought you also wish the same. Sakshi says yes. Dayal says my answer is still the same, lets keep our relation professional. Shaurya gets angry. Raj says I understand. Sakshi says yes. Dayal says lets go Durga.

Sakshi asks Rajnath to come to talk. Durga hears Dev’s voice and stops. Suchitra and Dev come downstairs. Durga turns and looks at Dev. She is shocked seeing him.

Suchitra sees Dayal and Durga. She introduces her son Dev to them. Durga thinks about Dev. Dev meets Durga and they shake hands. He senses something holding her hand. Music plays…………. Dev says I know we met for the first time, but I feel I know you since long time. Suchitra says maybe you met her in USA. Shaurya looks on.

Dev says maybe. Durga says no, we did not meet before, I m sure about that. Shaurya leaves. Dev says maybe. Durga acts annoyed and says we will meet soon. She leaves with Dayal. She cries. Suchitra says Durga’s reaction was so strange. Dev says I don’t know, but I feel I know this girl. Durga comes home and sees Dev’s pic.

She cries and says Dev did not keep his promise. She thinks of her and Payal. She says my best friend will help us. I m sure. Dev thinks he is finding only Nitya, where is she. Durga says when I needed your help, you did not come. Dev says you have bear a lot in my absence. She says my best friend was a cheat.

She says you did not see me once. He says you will think I m a cheat, how to tell you Nitya, I did not forget you ever, I came late. Durga says you said you will give me your number, but you did not do that. Dev says till I gave you my number, you went missing, I m sorry Nitya. Durga cries.

She sees his message which he has not written where he said he will not help her, as he will support his family. She says Dev Goenka, I will contact you, not to seek your help, but to punish you for your mistake. She says you supported your family’s lies, not my truth. She says shame on you and your friendship. She crushes his pic in anger and cries.

This is A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday  14th January 2020 On Starlife.

Precap: Dev asks Shaurya did he and his friends raped Payal. Shaurya says yes.

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