A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020

A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020
A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020

This is A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020.

A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13th February 2020

On A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13th February 2020: The Episode starts with Dr. Kane telling Dayal that Shekhar Mehra called him and a lady spoke to him on his behalf, trying to know everything about Durga’s surgery. Dayal asks what did you say. Kane says I did not tell anything as its confidential.

A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020
A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020

Dayal says thanks for giving a new life to my daughter, I will meet you when I come to US, looking forward. He then tells Durga that they have to stop Shekhar soon, he called Dr. Kane, I warned him earlier not to tell anything to anyone about your accident and surgery, but if Shekhar found him out, and any other way then. We don’t have to let them know this truth that you are not my daughter Durga Thakur, but Nitya Mitra.

He thinks how he got Nitya Durga’s face. He says Sakshi will know the truth soon by Shekhar. She says yes, we have to stop Shekhar now. Shekhar chats with his friend and asks about Durga, any contact with hospital staff, everything about her surgery. He says my business, my life and career is dependent on it, Sakshi gave me final chance. His friend says fine, I will let you know. Durga thinks about Shekhar and says how did he come to Sakshi. She says I have to think to make him leave from my way, what should I do.

She tries to find about him online and calls Akash to seek his help. She tells him something. (Muted) She thinks and comes to meet Shekhar at the café. Shekhar says hey Durga. She says hi Shekhar. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to meet you, as we met in Raima’s party after years, so thought to meet you and talk. He says lets order something. He says two black coffee. She says no, Masala chai. He says you use to have black coffee in US, habits don’t change. She asks him to know her journey first. He says I would love to know.

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She says first you say. He says I was talking to Rohini, she is missing me. She asks about Dr. Kane, did he get the result of his investigation. Shekhar says I m surprised, how do you know this. She says if you find me in big city like Kolkata, can’t I find any details about you.

She says you want to set business and want funding, from Sakshi Goenka, but why will she do this, well let me guess, as you are working for her, and reporting her my past, present and future, will you expose me like this. He asks what. She says you know everything but don’t have proof. You know why I don’t like black coffee and like Masala chai.

He says I don’t get it. She says I don’t like black coffee as I m not Durga Thakur. He says what did you say and is shocked. She says I made your life easy now, Sakshi will make you profit sharing partner now. He says I knew you are not Durga Thakur, you just see how I expose you.

She says even I want to see how will you prove this. He says 24 hours and your truth is out to the world. She says Shekhar Mehra, in 24 hours, you won’t bear the burden, as Sakshi will kick you out of her life and you will fall in my feet and beg me. He laughs and says I m impressed, such a big challenge.

She says I m challenging you. She shakes hands and says all the best. He says the same. She smiles and leaves. Shekhar meets Sakshi and Raima. Shekhar says the mystery has been solved. She is not real Durga Thakur, this is fraud and drama queen. Sakshi asks did Maa Durga tell you this in the temple and who is she in real then. Shekhar says no, actually………. Sakshi scolds him. Gautam tells Sonali that we have to leave at night, Dev does not want to be with me, I will try to make one person agree who could help him. He calls Durga.

He asks Durga to meet him, he is Dev’s friend Gautam. Shekhar says I will not tell you anything. I will give you proof now, give me one chance. Sakshi says if you can’t become businessman, become salesman, I will give you one last chance. He says thanks, but you have to help me in this. Durga comes to meet Gautam. He says I heard you took him for xray. She asks why did you call me here. He says I wanted to talk to you about Dev. Dev comes to Nitya’s old home and gives money to the servants to keep it clean and tidy always.

A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13 February 2020

He thinks see Nitya, your home is same as you left, I m waiting for you, I want to give you your dreams, happiness, respect, love back to you. He thinks about Nitya. Gautam tells Durga that he is shifting to Shimla with his wife Sonali. She asks why are you saying me. He says Dev needs your help, he can move on in life. She asks what do you want to say. Gautam says Dev came from US to find out about Nitya. She says but Nitya is dead. He asks her to give Nitya’s diary and tell him about Payal, make him meet Payal, he will definitely feel better. He will know his trust is right or not.

He says please help him, else he will stay in past, you know he won’t have any present and future. She asks why does Dev want to find Nitya. He says its his need, as Dev loves Nitya. Durga is shocked. He says he always loved Nitya, but he could not tell her. She thinks about Dev and her past. She says I forgot I have to go now to meet someone. She says actually I m getting late. Gautam stops her and says what I told you, please think about it, for Dev’s sake.This is the end of A Perfect Lie Update Thursday 13th February 2020.

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Suchitra talks to Durga and says we kept a puja for Dev and want you and Dayal to come. Shekhar reaches her house and tells Sakshi they left. Sakshi says remember its your last chance. Shekhar gets into Durga’s house by the window.

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