A Perfect Lie Update Saturday 25th January 2020 On Starlife

A perfect lie Tuesday 17 march 2020 update
A perfect lie Tuesday 17 march 2020 update

This is the written episode of A Perfect Lie Update Saturday 25th January 2020 On Starlife.

A Perfect Lie Update Saturday 25 January 2020 On Starlife

Shaurya makes her busy. Dev hears them and hides. She says I need to go, I got dad’s missed calls.

He asks where are you going and talks to Dayal saying I m coming. Shaurya tells her about Ganguly’s party. She says we will meet in the party. He asks will you ignore me there too.

She says why, we are friends. She thinks where to find this girl now. Dev says we got saved, if Shaurya saw us, then everyone would have been after me. Sonali says you have to be careful, this file can have much information which can be dangerous for your family.

Nandini comes to do her job and asks how can you sack me like this. She says what about my salary. The lady says I did what I was told to. Nandini asks is Ganguly in his cabin. She goes to meet him. Ganguly talks to her. Nandini says how can you take my job, my family needs me. He says you also know you should have not told Sagarika. Nandini says she saw us there, whats my mistake. Ganguly says you have to pay for this now.

Durga is happy crossing Ganguly’s pic. She says you will be ruined in the party tonight. Sagarika and her mum cry. Ganguly asks them to stop the drama and this party matters to him a lot, so don’t dare to spoil it. Ganguly welcomes the big wigs of the city. The Goenkas come with Raima. Rajnath talks to him and says its sure you will become the education minister. His wife Sangeeta asks Sagarika not to do anything. She smiles and meets the Goenkas.

Raima signs Sakshi to meet Sagarika. Sakshi praises Sagarika and sees a wound on her head. She says I m sorry, you are hurt. Sagarika lies to her. Ganguly says where is my student Shaurya. Sakshi says we are old, we are not cool that he hangs out with us. Sakshi likes Sagarika and says she is very lovely, I just hope Shaurya likes her. Shaurya and Durga are on the way. She thanks him for giving her lift. He says the credit goes to my parents and teachers like Ganguly. She says I saw this how he suggested your name.

Shaurya says he is damn sweet, its his 25th anniversary and I m giving him a small surprise. She asks what. He says I made a small thankyou video for him. She says I m sure he will be happy. She thinks Ganguly will be ruined in the party tonight. Raima asks Sakshi to focus on Sagarika, she is perfect. Sakshi says yes, she really is. Shaurya comes in the party and speaks good about Ganguly. Sakshi is shocked seeing Shaurya come with Durga. Durga thinks its easy to snatch smile from Sakshi’s face.

A Perfect Lie Update Friday 17th January 2020 On Starlife

Sakshi says I was sure that Shaurya will be late because of you. Shaurya says its ok, mum wanted me to come soon. Ganguly hugs Shaurya and meets Durga. Durga says I had to come, it’s a special day today, happy anniversary. Durga goes to meet Sangeeta. Shaurya asks Sakshi not to overreact and tells Durga’s excuses. Karan meets Shaurya. Sakshi thinks Durga wanted you to give her lift, you idiot, I have to make you away from Durga soon.

Shaurya tells Karan that Durga wants his attention, as he has ignored her. He tells him that he has made a video to praise Ganguly. Durga looks at the DVD and goes to change it.

Rajnath talks to Ganguly and says I have a request, what do you think about Shaurya and Sagarika’s marriage. Ganguly gets happy and agrees. Rajnath says I m happy you agreed. Ganguly and Sangeeta are taken on the dance floor. Raima takes Shaurya and brings Sagarika asking them to dance. Durga thinks now the game will begin.

Shaurya thinks Durga will be jealous seeing him with Sagarika, come in my arms. Sakshi says they are looking good together. She asks Durga to find a suitable partner for her. Raima takes Sakshi. Kuch khaas hai…………plays………….. Rajnath dances with Sakshi. They smile seeing Shaurya and Sagarika. Durga makes the DJ busy and changes the DVD. She turns and is shocked seeing Dev behind her.

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