A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020

A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020

A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020: A perfect lie 20th March 2020, The Episode starts with Dayal coming to Goenka house. Rajnath greets him and thanks him. He says Shaurya will be back on his feet soon. Dayal says sure, we will make him fine. Shaurya comes on the wheelchair. The servants brings him.

A perfect lie update Friday 20th March 2020

Shaurya sees the guest bad mouthing about him and his state. He gets angry on the guests and Sakshi asks Rajnath to calm him. Rajnath says they are our friend and some are Dayal’s guests, so please…. Shaurya says they are not my guests, its my marriage right, you guys are not invited, just go. Sakshi asks him to stop it. She apologizes to Dayal. Dayal washes Shaurya’s feet as part of the rituals. The ladies gossip about Shaurya. Shaurya gets more angry and talks to the ladies with disrespect.

He taunts them and asks them to get out. Sakshi and Rajnath asks him to be quiet. Shaurya asks the ladies to leave and insults them. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi thinks thanks for reacting to my plan, that’s all I need. Shaurya leaves from there. Sakshi says she will see Shaurya. She comes to him. Shaurya says they were laughing on me, its all your fault. Sakshi says why will anyone laugh on you. Shaurya says I saw their eyes, they were making fun of me. She says its your imagination, the people are happy so laughing, they are not joking on you, if they come here, someone will pity, sympathize and come will joke, we should deal with it.

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Shaurya thinks about Karan’s words. She says you may take even five years to get well, we all are with you, just stay strong. Shaurya says no way mum. She says we have to face this truth. She says Durga knows this fact, she know what she is getting in it. He asks then why is she ready to marry me. She says then find out, why does she want to marry you despite knowing everything, marriage is tomorrow, I hope you get the answer till tomorrow. She says I have one more question, how did Dayal agree to all this so easily, why did he not stop Durga, as he always disliked you and called you a rapist asking you to be away from his daughter, then why is he happy to get Durga marry a paralyzed man, I wonder, I also disliked Durga, if you want to marry her, I m with you.

A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020, Rajnath asks Sakshi how is Shaurya. She says let him be alone, he is feeling bad of his state, let him understand and accept his medical state, we will manage Dayal. Rajnath says I apologized to Dayal. She says nothing is important than Shaurya. He says yes, its his marriage tomorrow, he has to deal with this. She thinks its happening as I want. Durga gets the mahendi done in her hands. Dayal comes and is glad to tell Shaurya’s state. Durga gets happy. Akash calls Durga and says he did not talk to Jatin.She asks him to make Jatin do the work, as Sakshi will keep an eye on me, she will try to catch my mistake, we don’t have time. Akash says don’t worry, I will try.

A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020, Kangana comes to meet Durga. Kangana sees her mahendi and says Shaurya loves you a lot. Kangana brings the bridal dress and asks her to try. Durga asks whats Shaurya wearing. Kangana says you guys will look awesome together. Shaurya sees Durga’s pic on ipad and thinks about her. He thinks of the bet. Akash calls Jatin and asks him to think about Raima’s alimony, and how is Raima is maintaining her high status despite you not giving any money to her. Jatin leaves to see Raima. Akash says the plan is on Durga.

A perfect lie update Friday 20 March 2020,Sakshi talks to Suchitra and asks her to cancel her US trip with Dev. She thanks her for always being there for her. She says please don’t go, I know Dev and I had bitterness and you were worried, but I m his Choti Maa, I will explain Dev. She says Shaurya also needs Dev here. Suchitra says yes, we will not go. Suchitra tells Dev that Sakshi does not want them to go. Dev thanks Sakshi and leaves. Sakshi thinks he has to thank me more.

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