A Perfect Lie Update Friday 17th January 2020 On Starlife

A perfect lie Tuesday 17 march 2020 update
A perfect lie Tuesday 17 march 2020 update

This is A Perfect Lie Update Friday 17th January 2020 On Starlife.

A Perfect Lie Update Friday 17 January 2020 On Starlife 

The Episode starts with Dayal getting angry knowing from Durga that Shaurya did Acharya’s accident. Durga says yes, he is an animal, and tells about two years old incident. Karan challenged Shaurya to win Nitya. Shaurya says she is my driver’s daughter. Karan challenges him. Shaurya bets that he will take her on the bed in one week. She says this way this game started, it was a game for him, just a bet, which was necessary for him to win. She says a family got ruined because of him. The flashback shows Shaurya offering lift to Nitya and Payal to come with him to college.

She says we sat in his car thinking he is genuine person. She says I worked in restaurant to buy a house for my father. She says then Shaurya played his first game. A man misbehaved with Nitya and Shaurya saved her beating

the guy. She says I did not know what is in Shaurya’s mind and started believing him. She was a fool, Shaurya was acting to impress her. She says I thought he is changing. She cries thinking about Shaurya’s words. Nitya did not reply to his feelings. Shaurya requests her.

She says she did not know Shaurya was planning to get her and acted to be her friend. She says I felt he is a good human being and then, on Durga Visarjan night, Shaurya was angry as Nitya did not come, the week was getting over. Shaurya was confident that Nitya will come. He says Nitya will meet me, she will have this tablet and she will fall in my arms. He was shocked to see Nitya hearing him. Nitya slapped him and left from there. Karan says how dare she slap you, will you not tell her. Shaurya says I will show her whats her status.

Shaurya follows her. She says his ego was hurt and went after me. She says I left from there but Payal and Divya were there. She says Shaurya saw Payal and he took his revenge from Payal. Shaurya misbehaves with Payal and says Nitya has slapped me, and now you will be punished. She says Payal ran away from Shaurya. Divya tried to look for Payal. She says Shaurya and his friends got Payal and raped her. Divya saw them taking Payal to their room.

Divya tried calling Nitya but failed. But Nitya was away from her phone. She says I wish I could come that day to save Payal. Shaurya threatened Divya to keep her mouth shut. Divya requested him to leave Payal. He scared her and asked her not to tell anyone about this night. Durga says Shaurya and his friends have raped Payal one by one. Divya was the witness to all this who silently watched it crying. Payal run away later. Shaurya got angry on his friend knowing this.

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Durga says Divya was the only witness and they have shut her mouth too. Durga says Shaurya threatened Divya. Payal came home and Raima saw her on the way. Raima took her home but when Payal took Shaurya’s name. Raima gives the news to Sakshi and tells her that Shaurya and his friends have raped her. Sakshi was shocked. Sakshi says maybe Payal is lying. Raima says if she is right then? Durga says Raima did not understand this being a woman. Sakshi asked Raima to burn all the evidences. Dayal says Shaurya was wrong. Durga says Payal came home and fainted. She says no one came to help us, everyone tried their best to support Shaurya. She says Divya and Babjee were ready to help us, but they were also beaten up.

Dayal says don’t cry, tears make you weak. He says its everyone’s right to get justice, make your anger your strength. She thinks Nitya promised she will get justice for Payal. He says you are my Durga. Durga says yes, I will see the Goenkas, I know how to ruin them, by ruining Shaurya.

Shaurya and his friends come to office canteen to celebrate. Rajnath comes there and asks everyone to leave. Rajnath asks him not to ruin everything, as he won’t allow him to do this. He says I think you should meet some experts for help. Shaurya says I love you dad. Rajnath smiles. Shaurya says I m going out with my friends on lunch, you meet them and brief me in evening. He leaves. Rajnath gets angry and says Sakshi and Shaurya can get against me any moment.

This is the end of A Perfect Lie Update Friday 17th January 2020 On Starlife.

Precap: Dev comes to a cake shop and sees Durga taking the cake made for Payal.

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