A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020

A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020
A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020

This is A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020.

A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14th February 2020

On A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020

Raima and says I hope this time our plan works, if we invite Durga, she will doubt on us, so we have to use someone whom she can’t doubt. Durga thinks about Gautam’s words about Dev that he loves Nitya. She thinks how Dev mailed her telling he won’t support her. Dayal comes to her and says he is innocent.

She cries and says then what is it what he has sent me from US, that email. Dayal says you think, Goenkas have used technology, like you have done against them. He says is it tough to hack to email account and use it. He says maybe someone hacked Dev email id and sent you that mail. He says I respect your feelings, but I m a father, I feel Dev is innocent.

She looks at Dev’s pic. Suchitra is in her room. Sakshi comes to her. Sakshi tells her about strange incidents happening with them and now Dev’s accident. She says I thought I will meet Raima’s astrologer, she trusts her. She says I m impressed by her. Suchitra asks what did she say.

A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020
A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020

Sakshi says she said our bad time is going on, the pandit is also greedy, he knows who am I and did not ask for money. Suchitra asks what did he say. Sakshi says he said he will do a Grah Shanti puja and we can give him anything we want, I said him yes, its today evening. Suchitra is glad.

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Sakshi says ask Dev to come as its for him. She says pandit said we can invite few important people too in the puja. Suchitra says fine, I will invite Durga and Dayal. I will talk to them now. Sakshi says great, thanks, I will do the arrangements. She smiles and leaves. Suchitra calls Durga and she invites her and Dayal for the puja, which they kept for Dev. She says we are doing this for Dev. Durga says fine, we will come. Suchitra thanks her. Durga ends the call.

Karan talks to Kangana. She says lets tell my parents about our relationship. Tarun comes there acting like Shaurya. Karan ends the chat. Rishi comes and says do you think Kangana will marry a rapist. Shaurya comes and scolds Karan. Shaurya asks Karan why did he not threaten him on call. Karan smiles and says you knew it was me. Shaurya says Karan gave me extortion call, now it will come to dad and ask for ransom money, he will be tensed too, then Dev will be shot. They are shocked.

Shaurya says he is my brother, he misses Nitya, so lets send him to her. Shaurya says full on drama, I will cry a lot for his death, I will call press conference and say Goenka family is not safe, but inspector Mukherjee will prove that the one who called left the county. Then everyone will forget this, what do you say, it’s a perfect plan. Karan says I called but who will shoot. Shaurya says Rishi. Rishi is shocked. Shaurya laughs and thinks I know I lost once, but this time I will be there myself.

Dev comes to know about Arpit De. He comes to know no one is here by this name. Dev thinks fake name and address. Why did I not think before, anyways I will investigate and think to proceed. I will find it out. A man sees him and calls someone……. Mukherjee tells Shaurya that Dev is finding out about the man who has hit him. Shaurya asks him to make fool proof plan and scolds him.

Shekhar comes to Durga’s house and thinks now lets see who falls in whose feet, I have to get proof and I will find it today. Durga and Dayal leave from the house. Shekhar calls Sakshi and says Dayal and Durga left from here, now I will get the proof. Rajnath hears her talking. Sakshi says this is your last chance, if you get anything then call me. She sees Rajnath and he says Shekhar at Dayal’s house, so this puja is to bring them here. I don’t believe you, you are trusting that Shekhar, if Dayal knows this, then. She says your anxiety will get less. Don’t spoil my mood.

She says either Shekhar will get useful info or get caught, what will it do with me. She leaves. Rajnath asks Raima what did you do, you know what would this lead to, stop Sakhi from this, are you on her side or mine. She says why are you being angry on me for her, if you have guts, talk to her like this. She gets annoyed and leaves. Durga and Dayal are on the way. Durga says since Gautam told me about Dev’s feelings, I have to know his truth soon. Dayal says whats your plan. She says I have to see Dev’s locket to find out whom he loves, when I gave him that, I told him to put the girl’s pic whom he loves. She says I want to see who is she.

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Dayal says good plan, you focus on Shekhar now, you took big risk telling him the truth. She says I want to end his chapter before he harms me. Shekhar gets into Durga’s house and looks for some proof. Sakshi is done with the arrangements and Suchitra talks to the pandit asking him to come soon. Durga and Dayal come there. Suchitra welcomes them. Dayal says we are glad that you invited us in family function. Sakshi says we value you a lot, so we keep you close. Durga says our relation is made by fate. Dayal says destiny brought us together to go this dream project. He asks about Dev and Shaurya.

Suchitra says Dev is in his room and Shaurya will come soon. Sakshi thins how Thakurs have insulted Shaurya. She thinks when Shekhar gets evidence, I will write your fate.

This is the end of A Perfect Lie Update Friday 14 February 2020.

Shekhar messages Sakshi that Durga is fake. Shekhar comes with the proof. The pics fall and everyone is shocked to see it.

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